December 3, 2018

What are you working on this month? (December 2018)

It's December! And with every new month comes a new chance to talk about what you're working on and meet other founders. Here's how you can join the discussion:

  1. First, respond to someone else who's commented, just to say hello or leave them some feedback!

  2. Next, leave your own comment describing what you're working on (or aspiring to work on), and your biggest goal for December.

That's it! Can't wait to hear from everyone and see what you're working on!

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    For our part at Indie Hackers we've got big ambitions for December.

    Courtland is leading the charge with the global community by building out the new social feed and making improvements to how we run and foster meetups.

    I'm developing some exciting new content projects to complement our text-based interviews and newsletter, including an organized repository of educational articles and an inspirational series that will highlight the people behind the businesses rather than the businesses themselves. (Think Humans of New York, but with indie hackers as subjects!)

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      I'm working on content as well with HONY as an inspiration! It's in today's product hunt daily (called The Paper). If you want to compare notes let me know!

    2. 2

      Excited to see the new developments Channing!

    3. 2

      This is very cool, nice work!

    4. 2

      Hey man that's awesome! Thank y'all so much for the work yall do! It's already impacted my life so much!

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      @channingallen check out if you haven't for some more inspiration for your content projects. it's awesome!

      1. 2

        We're big fans of Offscreen!

    6. 2

      This is great @csallen, looking forward too!

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      I am currently working on my first project using python

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    I'm working on

    A SaaS based review system and embedded widget for business and e-commerce shops.

    Hoping to launch soon. If anyone wants to help me beta test, it would be much appreciated!

    1. 2

      Great idea and it looks really good!

      1. 1

        Thank you very much @josef ! Anything you maybe didn't like or were unsure of from the landing page?

        1. 2

          At first I thought "another review website" but after scrolling down I understood that it's about showing reviews from different sites/channels.

          Maybe that's something that could be explained a bit more.

          1. 1

            Hey @josef good point! I will make a note here that 3rd party reviews are currently manually entered - meaning the owner needs to paste them in. Sites like Google/Trustpilot have quite restrictive API's so looking at ways to make this more automated!

    2. 2

      Hello Scott,

      It looks really nice and I think it will become a great feature.

      Congratulations :)

      1. 1

        Hey @juanchov thanks for the kind words and checking my app out, much appreciated :)

    3. 2

      Hello Scott,

      I used in my past e-commerce a similar software but it was only text. I think is great that you can upload video and images.

      Btw, I'm happy to help with your beta testing.

      1. 1

        Hey @josegs thanks for your response! Excellent, if you want to either enter your email on the page or drop an email to I'll add you to the list!

        PS: At the moment we only allow video via YouTube. I think this is better all round. Would you prefer a file video upload?

        1. 1

          I think it would be great if could upload your video, but it might slow down the service...?

          1. 1

            Yes, video takes up a lot more disk space and bandwidth. I'll add it to my list of considerations if the demand is high enough. YouTube is a great platform to expose your video reviews to another audience anyway :)

    4. 1

      Really nice landing page Scott, great work! Although the value prop is pretty clear up front, I think something that would help you convert even better once you're live is to have a "Try It Now" sort of feature, where you can view a sample review on a test/dummy site, or even your site.

      Either that, or have a 30-60 second explainer video video made with GIFs showcasing how it would actually look on a real site.

      You're on a great path here and seem to have found a solid product, keep up the good work!

      1. 1

        Hey @jaybedreamin thank you! The widget is indeed at the bottom left of the landing page, but as a few have mentioned it may not be obvious enough! Once I've had a few test clients, I'll see about featuring them in some form on the homepage as case studies :)

        I like the GIF ideas too! Many thanks!!

    5. 1

      This is super cool. Waiting for the launch :)

      1. 1

        Thanks @marknolan ! If you would like me to notify you when we do, I can give you an email?

    6. 1

      This is so well-made. I saw this & was like, "I want this".

      The deal-breaker was the pricing. Sorry to say, but the pricing is too steep for something which I can make, spending some weekend(s). Just being thrifty. I may be wrong. Keep up the good work. :)

      1. 1

        Hey @shree I'm sorry you found the pricing too expensive. As you can understand this is my first SaaS based product and self-funded. I think there is a good deal of value in the product and would much prefer a slightly higher cost vs more customers and higher support load at this stage. Thank's for the feedback though! I will have a think about costs for sure.

    7. 1

      very cool! When are you hoping to launch specifically?

      1. 1

        Hey @kaelscion we are running beta tests this month with hopes to launch early January after the holidays :) Are you interested in helping test out?

    8. 1

      Really neat idea. I definitely see a potential here. Best of luck with your launch!

      1. 1
    9. 1


      This sounds like a great idea!

      I love it.

      I would suggest your landing page have a high-res gif demonstrating what it looks like on some of your client' websites (or on your own site even).

      Or even a plug-and-play demo where you can plug in a review and your own website, and preview what it would look like if I used your product, and put a big CTA at the top so I can create an account and fork over my cash if I like what I'm seeing :D

      1. 1

        Hey @jeffdh5 thanks for your feedback! Yes, great idea! We are just about to trial with a few of our clients so will definitely add some links to clients etc to show it in a real environment.

        We do have the widget at the bottom left of the homepage but I should probably make that a bit clearer!

        Let me get to work! Thanks again :)

    10. 1

      Looks great and I love the design. I would also draw more attention to your app's widget on your page to give users a chance to see it in action. I didn't notice it right away.

      1. 1

        hey @alexgaribay. Yep! As mentioned by @jeffdh5 above he thought the same and I have to agree. Thanks for your feedback!

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    We at have been working on quite a few products since the past couple of months.

    1. Open-source SVG illustrations for the community

    2. Printable PDF for sketching UI

    3. Automating Get Feedback by (

    We're looking for more ideas from the community to create products that would be useful.

    1. 1

      I'd suggest changing the "Who We Are?" Section to "Who Are We?". The first one is not grammatically correct, and would be fine if you stick with the Yoda-talk, but you don't do that in the next few sentences.

      It's not a good look (from a customer perspective) for a website centered on feedback to need feedback themselves


      1. 1

        Thanks for your input, Hugo. We are working on another landing page with a different communication style and will probably A/B test it to see what performs the best.

    2. 1

      Awesome. Submitted my site for feedback

      1. 4

        After having a discussion with my team; here are some strong suggestions that we think would improve the performance on your website:

        • The Cover for the book looks really good but the web UI against it looks old and incomplete.

        • The colors and branding of the web UI should match the branding on the book.

        • You could use the logo above "Grow your business" text.

        • "Grow" text should be bigger in size using normal fonts, not the Blue box type background.

        • "Run your coworking space" text size should be bigger.

        • You should have two buttons instead of one. "Know More" & "Buy The Handbook". The size of the buttons should be smaller too.

        • In the "Learn from my experience" section;

        • Change the color of the title text or the paragraph text. It looks too boring to read currently. You can try adding the character illustration above the title text to make it look more interesting.

        • Add more margin to the left and right of the paragraph text. Also, try changing the background yellow color to something else.

        • In the next section, Add a title 'Reviews" for the section.

        • Photos of Reviewers can be in a circular shape instead of the current square.

        • If the reviews are taken from tweets; try adding the tweet link and a twitter icon. It would make it look more authentic.

        • Try some other font instead of 'Oswald'. This one looks too thin. Use something that compliments the other font.

        • The figure 4110 books sold should also be on top somewhere. This would help gain the attention of your users and maybe help you maintain a low bounce rate.

        • 'version' in Paper, Kindle, can be smaller. Book + Coaching should be placed in a single line.

        • Increase the size of the book graphic.

        • Personally, I think the overall pricing section can be redone better.

        • For the is it worth section, did you try placing all the feature list in one column instead of two? That way it would look more like a todo list thing and maybe look more appealing.

        • Who I am section;

        • Increase the size of the photograph and use a circular photograph here.

        • Break the single paragraph into two. The first paragraph should comprise of your details and the second paragraph with your achievements.

        • FAQ can be center aligned with bigger margins on left and right.

        • The font size of the first answer is different from others. Correct that.

        • Add another CTA with Buy Link after the FAQ.

        • The footer seems to be broken.

        • Repeat the logo in the footer.

        • The copyright text will be at the bottom.

        • Add live chat to the website. This helps in building trust amongst prospective customers.

        • Add heatmap analytics to understand the areas where your customers are spending the most time.

        1. 1

          Thanks a lot @JunaidBhai !

      2. 1

        That's great. I'll shall have my team share the constructive feedback for the site in the next few hours.

    3. 1

      Thanks for sharing Junaid. Your business idea seems like something the whole industry has been screaming for if it is what I think It is. I suggest working around the message and whole communication to make it easier for potential clients. That client who knows very little about the specs of the need and wants to focus where they really can add value.

    4. 1

      Hey @JunaidBhai nice landing page! Just a quick suggestion - the backdesign.png file is nearly 1mb. You should definitely try optimise that image as took quite a while on my UK connection! Some optimisations throughout should help reduce load time :)

      1. 1

        Thanks for pointing it out, @scottramsay. We probably missed out on optimizing the backdesign image. Will definitely reduce the file size in the next set of upgrades.

  4. 6

    👋 Hello, I'm Guillaume Bardet.

    🇫🇷 I'm from France, currently in the Miami, FL.

    ✨ I'm building a modern bookmarks and tabs manager.

    ⚡️ I've been bootstrapping businesses for 7+ years.

    This month I am hoping to go over most of the general improvements and bugs so we can finally launch in January. Any feedback or suggestions would be much appreciated. 🙌

  5. 6

    I'm going to finally be launching v1 of !

    The easiest way to create and manage FAQ pages for your projects/companies. :)

    1. 1

      Curious to the "magic" you will be adding here. :)

  6. 6

    I'm working on Cronhub.

    The goal of this month is to bring Cronhub into Github's marketplace. I'm very excited about this because I hope this will give me exposure to a big developer market. Also, I love Github and pumped to collaborate with them.

    1. 3

      looks great, I have one suggestion. In the examples on how to make a request. Maybe useful to add plain javascript?

      1. 1

        Good one, thanks for the suggestion.

      2. 1

        This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

    2. 2

      Fantastic.. I'm yet to try it but the concept and the website looks solid.

      1. 1

        Thank you!

      2. 1

        This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

    3. 1

      Nice to see we are both using Gitbook for docs! It's been great to write with. The inline images are a bit weird though, have you tried it?

      1. 1

        It's actually Vue Press but they look quite similar I think.

        1. 1

          So it is! Very similar :)

  7. 5

    Working on app that will convert your google drive folder to website. Here is screnshot from prototype

    If you have any suggestions, please let me know :)

  8. 3

    I am hoping to launch my first MVP this month in response to a really bad health scare. Kind of a "forget you health issues!" kind of thing. My service is an automated website media optimization tool that uses a web crawler to retrieve media and code, compress, optimize, and minify them, then email them in a zip archive to the website owner. Two things make this product different: 1) You do not need to upload media to this service. Simply type in the URL of your website and the email you would like the files to be sent to, and a custom, self-defending web crawler is dispatched, retrieves the media and files, optimizes them, and delivers them on its own. No special bot filter rules are required either as my career thus far has been making smart bots and smart bot filters so there really isn't a filter I've found yet that can disable or block my bots for more than a second or two. 2) No data is stored at all. As in no database, no csv files, no caching or Redis images, nothing. Each time a request for optimizing site content is made, Docker containers with a custom base image spin up, dispatch the crawler to retrieve the media, hand the media off to a second container that processes it, then emails the adjusted files. At which time, all containers involved in that request cycle down and delete themselves. No data stored, total privacy. I would really love some feedback as the early stages get up and running. Anybody who's interested can follow the story on at as I will be updating each week on progress so far!

  9. 2

    I finished year strong with over $30K in interview training for product managers. 2019 is focused on building an online training.

  10. 2

    I'm working on planning and testing a few ideas I want to build in January. Taking a couple weeks to do deep dives on some of my ideas I've had on my spreadsheet for a while to see which could be quick wins vs long term projects. Goal is to do all the mis-en-place for one of these ideas to build out in January.

  11. 2

    Hey! We're working on Project Showcase

    An online portfolio website creator for mobile developers! We're aiming 10 thousand portfolios at the end of this year.

    If anyone reading this is a mobile developer, give it a check =)

  12. 2

    Write an article about my failed business

    1. 2 is a pretty good idea, hope it wasn't the one that failed.

      1. 1

        I thought as well :)

    2. 1

      That's great! You can check this as well - It is a database of failed startups and why they failed.

  13. 2

    Over at (code free data automation) we are working on a couple of large projects to lower the bar to use our product. We released much cheaper and easier to use pricing, and we just rolled out a referral program, so we will see how that goes!

  14. 2

    Still working full time on PostPerk - we made more revenue this week than in our entire launched history (~6 weeks), so we're happy with how things are going.

    My side project the Social Proof Handbook is coming along nicely as well. This month I'll finish writing and hopefully the gallery of example will be live this week.

    1. 2

      Love the idea of this (postperk), wish the site homepage offered more examples of paired brands that make sense. Also about pricing.

  15. 2

    Launched Wired Dots 2.0 this month. Now going to focus on different marketing channels + add more templates this month.

  16. 2

    I will be launching “Sjabloon” soon. 🚀

    An UI around the Ruby on Rails template DSL to give #rubyonrails makers a flying start with their new projects. It includes complete authentication setup with Devise, Webpack, Tailwind, custom error pages and lots of settings done for you.

    It's an upgraded/productised version of the template I used for many of my own products in the past, including Startup Costs.

  17. 2

    I'm building an affiliate site for Indie hackers and makers where 50 percent of the affiliate commissions earned each month will be given to the top maker of that month (submitted and voted on by the community)! If all goes well I'll be launching this week! Wishing everyone the best!

    1. 1

      Can you elaborate? As in affiliate amazon links? If so, I think recurly's first mvp did this and failed - only because generating demand is hard. Users signed up to sell, but the traffic to buy was thin. Would love to hear how you plan on tackling this? In any case, good luck. Getting started is half the battle, so congrats on committing!

  18. 2

    I'm hoping to test whether there is demand (and exactly what the demand is) for (my new "Slow Analytics" SaaS product).

  19. 2

    I'm working on Fly on the Mac (

    A free game-play site where you can bet on Apple rumors and follow Apple News. I officially opened the site today after several months of building the code.

    Posted the site to Product Hunt, in case anyone would be kind enough to show it some love:

    1. 1

      Mark! Your domain has to be 20+ years old at this point. Long time buddy! Going to upvote now.

      1. 1

        Thanks Brian. Almost 20 years, was registered in June 2000. I think, though, I was running a version of the site before that under one of the my other domains.

  20. 2

    I'll be working on the redesign for

  21. 2

    I'm working on

    Gonji Tea = quality loose tea.

    I started this new project yesterday, so this month will be the 1st one. Therefore, I will be working on creating the image and momentum to launch the product in early 2019.

    If anyone is a tea lover, please let me know!

    1. 1

      Count me in! What tea do you expect to present?

  22. 2

    We're working on Nice Guides ( - which lets users build beautifully simple, more engaging guides / instructions. The biggest goals for December are: rolling out custom theming (fonts and colors) along with more analytics tools. Our team is also

    working on finishing up marketing materials for a launch on Product Hunt. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated :)

    1. 1

      I like your landing page but still don't have a good grasp on what your product really does. From the description it sounds like a writing service but some examples would help. To be honest I thought clicking on the cards in the "Create custom guides for anything" section would show me (maybe by them flipping) an example for that category.

      1. 1

        Hey Chris, thanks for that feedback - really appreciate it! We've updated our home page to make it clearer as to what we do at Nice Guides ( - including a demo you can play around with right from the home page. Please take another look and let me know if you have any other advice. Thank YOU!

  23. 2

    In december I will be working on attracting users for and broaden the target audience.

    It is a website where you can start a stream directly from your browser, including screen sharing without installing anything. Most common use case is live coding stream.

    Also I hope to find a co-founder to accelerate the project business wise.

    1. 1

      Hey your service is really great. I would like to work with you.

      1. 1

        thanks, follow me on twitter

  24. 2

    I'm working on and

    The goal of this month is to bring Deals by Makers is to get some active users since the app is for free now. Sugest is also in the pipelines to get some more fresh features like voting for a fun thind to do and ranking. Also, I am pumped to have deployed my 5th app in as many months

    1. 1

      I love the website.

      Quick feedback - if http is added to the link, the generated link is missing a : colon before the slash and the link becomes broken. I would also recommend that line breaks are allowed either via rich editing or allowing html tags. I know it's a slippery slope but it was hard for me to format mine. Also if you would allow sign in without Twitter, that would be awesome.

      Thanks for making this.

  25. 2

    I'm trying to wrap up a bunch of small things so I can focus on one big thing in 2019.

    I feel like I'm all over the place and I need to remind myself that "I can do anything, just not everything".

  26. 2

    Working on

    • Gathering/prioritizing feedback to then implement

    • Reaching out with a personal email to everyone listed on the site

    1. 1

      Looks good!

      As a developer looking for a job I would like to know what technology (programming languages) the companies listed hire for.

      1. 1

        Hey Robert, thanks for the feedback! Definitely on my radar for the next iteration :)

    2. 1

      Looks good - straight to the point but with a friendly tone.

      And I like that it's powered by Google Forms mostly.

      What's your business model?

      1. 1

        Thanks Rory! Yeah trying to keeping it lean and just validating the concept atm.

    3. 1

      I like it! Are you planning on adding a logo in your header? I think its cool, though, if you are looking to forego the usual logo-in-the-top-left

      1. 1

        Perhaps in the future I might, not terribly worried about branding atm. Would like to see folks using the tool first :)

  27. 2

    I am working on which highlights how makers managed to build successful businesses and side projects. The vision is to build the Reddit of Indiemakers!

    1. 2

      Looks like you've got a good start on it, good work! Curious how you plan on differentiating yourself from IH?

      1. 1

        What's your recommendation @Maciej

    2. 1

      Love this idea! Perhaps it makes sense to share your idea in a relevant subreddit :)

  28. 1

    I'm working on a tool called Sourcingwise. Its meant for B2B customers to create Request for Quotation, get a shareable link to send to their suppliers and compare received quotes after.

    Looking forward to feedback on the landing page.

  29. 1

    I am working on a one-click website launcher for Digitalocean with:

    1. set root password

    2. set mysql password

    3. install php curl/zip/etc.

    4. install letsencrypt

    5. add domain and point to droplet, other networking settings

    6. install composer and some libraries

    7. add domain to amazon ses for email delivery

    8. upload basic MVC with register and login form

    So basically 2 days of work completed with a single click and 4 minutes waiting time.

  30. 1

    Relaunch of site (new design).

    Holiday Promo (PH, Mailing list, etc.)

  31. 1

    I'm working on Australian Startup Jobs, would love to keep up the traffic I've been getting and cross 2k users on GA this month :)

  32. 1 - an introductory book to server deployment for everyone. I am currently writing chapter about internet networking although all the theory in the book will really be made minimal. I just want people to always understand the context rather than "use these 3 commands" and "this config file".

    Overall the progress on the book should be faster, I guess I am really lazy person :).

  33. 1

    Hello guys,

    My main focus on last ~4 months is growing, improving the, an online store which I acquired. It was a perfect fit since I had solid audience already (~500k Instagram network, mostly designers.).

    So lot of improvements done, and now working on new products sketchbooks and rulers.

    Also, trying to make website load much faster, so experimenting with AMP and PWA.

  34. 1

    Working on, a tool that links JIRA to Slack so your distributed scrum team keeps up to date with their progress. Goal for this month is completing private beta and getting it launched!

    Check out if you are interested.

  35. 1

    This month I started publishing The Paper, a weekly newsletter that tells the story of overlooked events throughout history through the eyes of newspapers from the day they happened. My goal for December is to publish four great issues and grow my subscriber base to 2000 readers. If this sounds a bit familiar, it might be because we're featured in today's Product Hunt Daily email! If you would like to subscribe, just head to

  36. 1

    We're getting ready to launch

    Resi is a property management platform for independent landlords and property owners. We help tenants pay their rent, manage their lease, submit maintenance requests and communicate with their landlords in real-time.

    Currently beta testing with some property owners/landlords in and around the NYC area, and have been getting some wonderful feedback.

  37. 1

    I decided I was going to become more active in the Maker/Bootstrapper community. I want to stop lurking and start giving to the community. My goal is to also keep this up in 2019. This means that this week I will be posting two articles and I will start developing some small silly tools you can follow my journey on here, and on

  38. 1

    I am currently working on a project call CartLog (

    CartLog is a platform built to power Africa’s eCommerce businesses and help them scale their productivity. We basically provide you with tools that can be plugged into your website. These tools can also be used to build, manage, and power a full fledged eCommerce software product

  39. 1

    update my web:

    A full-featured, powerful Analytics Data solution for Shopify.

  40. 1

    I'm making a coworking community course for operators of coworking spaces. This is the outline:

    My goal is to launch it in December. This is my first online course.

  41. 1

    We are working on marketing strategy to introduce our product to vast audience :)

    BTW you can check our last feature - dark UI which is really helpful when you want to browse through the site at night ;)

  42. 1

    This month I'm starting front-end work on the new Frontend Mentor platform.

    Wireframing and usability testing have been completed, the API is pretty much done, the first designs have come in and so now it will be a big push to build out the front-end hopefully in time for the New Year!

    The platform will include user authentication and the ability to submit solutions and also give/receive feedback to/from other users.

  43. 1

    This month I will be working on my beer belly. 😜

    Apart from that, I will be launching v1 of

    Pricing changes of Google Maps API almost killed this side-project.

  44. 1

    I'm working on the transition from landing page + beta to sales page + actual launch. There's a lot to learn about web dev and dev ops!

    My product is Stowbots: automatic image download organization via deep learning. Check it out at if you'd like to be in the beta!

  45. 1

    I am working on Designer Recon.

    Designer Recon is a client/lead generation tool for designers and studios.

    My goal for December is to get it ready for the first trial run.

  46. 1

    Adding some updated styling to my side project sentimentors

    It is a tool that analyzes the text from sites and documents and gives you the sentimental value based on that text .

  47. 1

    Working on a Cannabis Review site for Canadian users:

    Already launched, just trying to raise awareness for the month of december to get the user base up.

  48. 1

    We are improving different features in Document Node, such as a better writing experience:

    I'm also working with some marketing guys and preparing a re-launch on Kickstarter in a few weeks time.

  49. 1

    Over at (Serverless Cloud) we are polishing the landing page and adding use cases :)

  50. 1

    I'm working on recording YouTube videos for walkthroughs of building docs in Coda ( I want to increase the content marketing we produced and want to flex my creative muscles for writing and recording videos.

    Additionally, I'm trying to host and organize more in-person meetups for our community in NYC!

  51. 1

    I've been working on

    Progress Plum is a Slack bot for automating stand up with minimal interrupts for everyone.

    November was great in that I did a huge schema/code refactor and got private-channel support working smoothly.

    My December goal is to improve my app's rankings in search and to bring on a few more companies as beta users.

    1. 1

      Like it! We have our stand ups in person but I can see the value!

  52. 1

    Today, Portfolio Spreadsheets starts its Google Ads campaign in earnest.

    We generate stock portfolio tracking spreadsheets and reports.

    Actually, we had a campaign going previously but none of the ads were running because we had 'Google', a trademark, in our ad copy. Silly mistake.

    1. 2

      This is a neat idea. I wonder if you could target Robinhood users. They're constantly checking their performance but the data is very limited.

      1. 1

        Thanks! I was hoping Robinhood had a nice API to download trade history but they don't. There are ways though. Thanks for the suggestion.

  53. 1

    The big thing I'm working it to try to get Polar distribution in app stores.

    Here's Polar:

    It's basically Evernote meets Kindle and allows you to cache HTML pages offline and manage your PDFs.

    Here's the new chrome extension we just launched.

    MS app store should launch this week.

    The biggest experiment I'm trying to do is to see what works in the app stores and to see how this works for distribution.

    Some of the apps to REALLY well being extensions and in app stores and acquire 200 or more users per day.

    I still need to figure this out and experiment to see with what works but it would KICK ASS to be able to take on 200 users per day!

  54. 1

    Working on new features for Trolley to make it easier for indie hackers and makers to sell online :)

    And working on a marketing push for the new subscription features I'm launching soon, which means you can use Trolley as a Patreon replacement for simple use cases (and we charge less than half Patreon's fees...)

    1. 1

      That's quite interesting Rory, I wish you the best! You might want to check out some of what is doing.

  55. 1

    I just started working on - a job board for WordPress related jobs in development, marketing, design and content.

    There's not much there yet except a few jobs from indeed.

    Next up: create content to drive organic traffic to the page.

    Biggest goal for December is to get first real jobs ads. As it's free for now, I hope I'll get some soon. :)

  56. 1

    I'm working on, I plan to launch a private alpha to some friends to test my MVP UX this week. Then I will iterate for another 2 weeks and start inviting people to the beta!

    1. 2

      Cool artwork @mikestaub 👍

    2. 1

      Can't believe you were able to get the domain!

      1. 1

        I got lucky :)

  57. 1

    I'm redesigning and rebranding my project SaaS Python boilerplate, so I hope you will see it under a new name. Also, completely changing subscription, pricing plans, and everything behind.

    Also, keep sending emails with SaaS apps ideas every week. If you still don't know what's that about please check

    The idea #5 will be sent this week.

    1. 1

      Can this really work as a subscription? Do people still pay even though they just kickstart the project with it? Really curious, I always thought this should have a one time pricing (and perhaps new payment with new version).

      1. 1

        Thanks for the question. For subscription people will have scaffolding, code generation and other things that accelerate the development. They will have the code for free (it's open source) but if they want really fast the process, they will use the subscription (I hope, I don't know yet :)

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