January 24, 2018

What are your favorite free tools?

There are so many free tools online that are incredible, and we should all get to know even more of them.

What are some of your favorite free tools you use for digital marketing, web design, web development, UX, etc.?

Include links so we can all check them out!

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    Trello (https://trello.com): I like working in Kanban when I'm working on my own. It's just really easy for me to set up and keep track of all the different tasks I need to do to get things up and running.

    Crello (https://crello.com): I am terrible at setting up social media. This at least helped me get the headers and pictures right. It's also great for blog title cards.

    Google Analytics: How much do I need to say?

    MailTrap (http://mailtrap.io): This is a lifesaver for testing email, especially on live-ish data. Send your email out as if it were live, but this is configured to store it all in a mailbox on their server instead. Lets you look at the email, download it and run tests against it. Highly recommended.

    MailGun (http://Mailgun.com): This is what I use for sending triggered emails. It's free up to a certain number a month, plus it allows you to verify a real mailbox before sending anything, which is useful for lead generation.

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      Snappa (snappa.com) seems very similar to Crello.

      Thanks for sharing your list.

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    I started using https://bulma.io/ in 2017 as a bootstrap alternative and LOVE it! To me it feels much more intuitive than bootstrap.

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      This looks great but the music on the presentation video was hilarious. Like someone just got a copy of fruity loops.

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      I almost went with bulma but decided on spectre.css instead. Bootstrap really doesn't have appeal if you are going to make your own components.

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    Sooo I just used AppLaunchpad to make screenshots for my upcoming app. It's so great i upgraded to the pro version. But the free version has great features too.

    It was so much better than the Sketch plugins I've used in the past.

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    my fav free tool its sentry, mattermost, minicron

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      What do you like about those tools? What do they help you accomplish that other tools can't?

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        solving me problems!

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    For Marketing I also use:

    For design & front-end development:

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    1. Bitbucket.com

    2. Netlify.com

    3. Screencastify for screen recording

    Notepad++, Paint.net, Inkscape for designing

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    When I needed a PSD mockup template to present an app design quickly and for free, I was frustrated by finding mostly resources that where bad or clickbaity.

    So I decided to create a list of the best trustworthy resources and share it with everyone.


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      Thanks a lot for the amount of time you'll help me save in the future 🙏

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    Some of my favorite free tools are Linux, Git, Visual Studio Code, OBS, and Shotcut.

    If I had to limit it to free SaaS tools, then I'd say Gitlab, Hotjar and Nanobox.

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    Trello for tasks management

    Asana for project management

    Wave Apps (waveapps.com) for invoicing and all billing/accounting needs (my favorite)

    Zoho has a bunch of free apps like email

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    I like Zeal (https://zealdocs.org/) for when I'm working on the move and I don't have an internet connection.

    For those who don't know, Zeal is an "offline documentation browser for software developers". Super useful.

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      I have never heard of Zeal before, but I will have to check that out for sure!

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    Zenkit (https://zenkit.com/) is a project management tool that is available on web, desktop, and mobile, and is forever free to use for single users and teams of up to five members.

    It's great for managing tasks and organising workload so it can be used for a plethora of purposes, from digital marketing to personal productivity. Before becoming a full time team member of the company, I used Zenkit to manage my freelancing work.

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    Trello (https://trello.com) - task management

    Beholddy (http://beholddy.com) - "google alerts for youtube" (I built this one :p)

    Heroku (http://heroku.com) - hosting your app

    Mailchimp (http://mailchimp.com) - email marketing

    Mixpanel (http://mixpanel.com) - analytics, show you which users are doing what on your app

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    One I don't see on the list is simply Google Docs. It's come such a long way over the years and you can find great add-ons that let you accomplish a ton of stuff.

    A few of my favourite add-ons are...

    1. Yet Another Mail Merge - did an IH interview recently as well

    2. Power Tool (expands the functionality of Google Sheets a ton)

    3. Geocode by Awesome Table - useful if you have address data and you need lat/long.

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    Netlify is the best thing to happen to web hosting ever.

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    Need to make a quick screen capture? Or video response? https://www.useloom.com/

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    For product/web analytics, Amplitude's free plan is downright amazing! Google Analytics is also essential (they complement each other).

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    cropper (free and quick crop for windows) http://cropper.codeplex.com/

    Droplr - paid image uploader (when it works its great!)

    Onedrive for business - when it works its great!

    Google Photos - Lifetime photo backup for free : photos.google.com

    Leisure Suit 1 - Original Dos Monochrome version

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    MixMax for email tracking and scheduling

    Built With for seeing what technology sites use

    Similar Web for seeing what traffic sites have

    Privacy Badger for not seeing ads

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    google drive it's where I push all my project to cloud, canva for made beautiful design.

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    For every frontend developer -> https://webmakerapp.com

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    stenciljs, visual studio code, nodejs, MS Paint 3d (I know lol), Powerpoint (to basic design screens. Very underrated if I might say so).

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      Forgot OneNote for synchronous note taking, but you can use whatever note taking app tbh.

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        there's heymeta.com that an user here released some time ago. I use it to generate meta tags for social media. A very good tool. He doesn't charge for the service either, for now. I will gladly pay though, it is that good!

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          keep forgetting git for version control and github to store it.

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    For Newsletters check out Revue: https://www.getrevue.co