April 29, 2018

What are your favorite podcasts?

I've been a longtime podcast listener and enjoy Gimlet's Startup, Jason Calacanis' This Week in Startups, Guy Raz's How I Built This, and @csallen's IH podcast, among others.

I'm curious what podcasts you all 馃挄 and why. I'm eager to discover more (especially those outside of tech/entrepreneurship) but you're also helping source ideas for a project we're working on. 馃槈

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    This is my playlist right now on Overcast (I spend a lot of time with headphones in)

    • Akimbo with Seth Godin

    • Bootstrapped Web

    • Build Your SaaS

    • Diary of a CEO

    • Everyone Hates Marketers

    • Founder Chats

    • Founders Journey

    • The Humans Strike Back

    • Indie Hackers (obviously)

    • Jocko Podcast

    • Mixergy

    • Noah Kagan Presents

    • SaaS Breakthrough

    • Seeking Wisdom

    • Smart Passive Income

    • Stacking the Bricks

    • The Startup Chat

    • Startups for the Rest of Us

    • Zen Founder

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      If you could only listen to 3 off this list, which would they be?

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        Indie Hackers is an obvious choice, so indie hackers plus 3 would be: Seeking Wisdom, Everyone Hates Marketers, and Akimbo.

        I鈥檓 a HUGE Drift fanboy and their podcast just rocks. Real, unfiltered, original thoughts. Everyone Hates Marketers (and I think Louis is on here?) is the best new marketing podcast out there. Akimbo is Seth Godin鈥檚 new podcast and it鈥檚 super thought provoking. Great abstract and philosophical thoughts on business.

        But Boostrap Web and Build Your SaaS are must listens for this community!

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          For anyone searching for "Bootstrap Web" it's actually called Bootstrapped Web: http://bootstrappedweb.com/

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          Thanks Corey. I've been listening to Everyone Hates Marketers for a while now it's really good and I love the style of it.

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          What is Drift? Thx

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            "Conversation-driven sales and marketing platform." Drift.com

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      That's a LOT!

      can you give a quick rundown of what is special (individually) about these podcasts?

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        I鈥檓 biased towards podcasts about entrepreneurship, marketing, and SaaS. I love all these because they鈥檙e unscripted and usually have a different take on things.

        I always find that there鈥檚 a nugget in each episode that sticks with me. All I need is one thing for it to feel like it was helpful.

        I鈥檓 mostly an introvert, so listening to others talk and absorbing it all has always been preferable for me!

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    Outside of tech, I often enjoy Waking Up with Sam Harris, Rationally Speaking with Julia Galef, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, The Knowledge Project, and some episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience and The Tim Ferriss Show, although I'm not a regular listener of the last two.

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      Waking Up with Sam Harris is awesome

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      The Knowledge Project has an amazing episode with Naval Ravikant. Arguably his best interview that I've heard.

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        Thanks for recommending the interview, I listened to half of it today, will listen to another half tomorrow, it's great!

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      Wow very close to mine, though the top of my list is probably Tyler Cowen because he brings on so many different and interesting authors. He also manages to bring a non-mainstream but well-reasoned point of view to a staggering array of topics.

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        Don't know how I left out Tyler, his show is great! Only discovered it recently 鈥 he's got a lot of fans at Stripe.

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    • a16z's podcast

    • YC's podcast/videos

    • Masters of Scale

    • The Twenty Minute VC

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    A few weeks ago I launch on PH a project called Entrepreneurial Lists, which are lists with resources for entrepreneurs. One of the lists is about podcasts. Here are the ones that I mention:


    • How I Built This

    • The Indie Hackers Podcast

    • Hack The Entrepreneur

    • Hack To Start

    • The GaryVee Audio Experience

    • The Smart Passive Income Podcast

    • Rocketship.fm

    • Product People


    • Early-Stage Founder

    • StartUp Podcast

    • The Pitch


    • Growth Marketing Toolbox

    • Copyblogger FM

    • Noah Kagan Presents

    I am also planning to start my own podcast on failory.com ;) It would be about interviews with failed startups! Hope you find this useful.

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    Mostly I listen to German business podcasts but in english I really like:

    • 鈥歟veryone hates marketers鈥

    • 鈥歴ide hustle show鈥

    • 鈥歴ide hustle school鈥

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      I'd be interested in any good German podcasts (maybe less on the business side tho)?

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        So I'm listening to these podcasts in german regularly:

        • Online Marketing Rockstars

        • Kassenzone

        • Digital Kompakt

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          that was fast, thanks!

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    Awesome to see what other people listen to in order to learn more, here are mine:

    • Indie Hackers podcast - love hearing stories of how companies came together (similar to "The Early days Podcast")

    • Impact Theory - love how they find some increadible people that might be lesser known, increadible interviews, awesome AMA's to understand how Tom would face certain situations and "Relationship Theory" just answers a ton of my questions of having great relationships while being ambitious.

    • School of Greatness - has a very relaxed and personal vibe to the interviews while diving personally into successful people's journey.

    • Shoulders of Titans - cover's insights from serial entrepreneurs and their journey (with a lot of different backgrounds)

    • The Early days podcast - made by fellow IH at DULO that covers the early days of some businesses

    • Art of Charm - insights on how to keep becoming more and more high value person.

    I have a couple more but these are the most frequent to be honest and that I get the most value out of them.

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    I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned: Y Combinator's podcasts, and particularly the Startup School series.

    They are deeply packed with information, much more than you can get from a single pass. The best technique is to listen, absorb, go away and make mistakes for a couple of months, then come back and listen again. Rinse and repeat to get a deeper understanding of subjects which (almost) can't be taught in a classroom.

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    All in the Mind

    Edited: Brief popular science about the brain, straightforward and unadorned. Example: what we know, and don't know, about the physiological causes of pedophilia.

    Another Round with Heben and Tracey

    Conversational: Heben and Tracey have an irresistible radio banter, as they talk about cultural and political topics, often coming back around to struggling to keep their heads up as black women in America. Example: so many fun guests, like Gene Demby and Anil Dash.

    Call Chelsea Peretti

    Conversational: hanging out with Chelsea is impossibly hilarious. Example: a group performance of Chelsea鈥檚 intentionally hackneyed screenplay about a southern family in turmoil.

    Chapo Trap House

    Conversational: snarky, mildly leftist takedowns of the conservative and liberal powers that be, and the apologists they feel stand in the way of real change. Like hanging out with smart, informed, and rude friends. Example: a performed reading of conservative hack Ben Shapiro鈥檚 awful book.

    Conversations with Tyler

    Conversational: Tyler Cowen is an economist who writes the excellent Marginal Revolution blog. He leans libertarian, but he's interested in so much more than just economics in the narrow sense; he's endlessly curious about how we make decisions and why certain behaviors emerge and sustain themselves. He's also a passionate and wide reader and lover of food. He's sometimes incomprehensibly robotic, and always thought provoking. Example: Jhumpa Lahiri on Italian literature, a subject that Cowen is of course ready to talk about knowledgeably.

    Dan Carlin鈥檚 Hardcore History

    Conversational/Edited: long, fascinating monologues telling stories from history and attempting to put them in context. Carlin is an amateur historian, who loves imagining historical experiences as they might have been experienced by people on the ground at the time. Example: the depth of WWI鈥檚 battlefield horrors.


    Conversational: Russ Roberts is a conservative economist at the Hoover Institute. He has excellent guests, even if I wish he would engage more with their challenges to his perspective. He's smart and I enjoy considering his outlook.

    How I Built This

    Edited: Host Guy Raz leads a lightly edited interview with founders of companies you've heard of. The questions aren't especially probing, but the guests are consistently good and their stories are given room to get into details.

    Imaginary Worlds

    Edited: short discussions and interviews about science fiction topics. Example: how the horror genre helps one filmmaker process the murder of a family member.


    In Our Time

    Conversational: Each episode focuses on a particular historical figure or artist, and host Melvyn Bragg and academic guests dive into the topic, detailing the major points and then moving into assessment of their impact and significance. Not groundbreaking, but always interesting and never condescending or cursory in the manner of American public radio shows. Oh and it's British -- by the BBC's Radio 4 -- so they come across as delightfully fussy and verbose, in a good way.

    Example: Hannah Arendt


    Kalzumeus Podcast

    Conversational: Patrick McKenzie and Keith Perhac discuss tech business topics, with an emphasis on practical information for the small, independent entrepreneur. The conversation is informal but always fast moving. They've only done something like 15 episodes in 4 years, but they're all full of great thinking and useful observations. I'm a fanatic appreciator of McKenzie's writing and thinking; his recent post on how to get credit reporting agencies and banks to correct your information is one of the most useful things I've ever read. ( http://www.kalzumeus.com/2017/09/09/identity-theft-credit-reports/ )

    Example: salary negotiation with Josh Doody. This is so much better than I expected.



    Conversational: Consistently excellent interviewed with journalists and longform nonfiction writers. No one is as prepared and thoughtful in their questions and listening as the three hosts, who rotate duties. Example: over the past four years, Evan Ratliff has interviewed Ta-Nehisi Coates four times, and they've all been great. This podcast launched the podcast careers of Max Linsky (Hilary Clinton's podcast With Her, Looking for Richard Simmons) and Aaron Lammer (Stoner).

    Making Oprah


    Rationally Speaking with Julia Galef

    Interviews centered on the topic of human irrationality and the quest to be more rational. Galef is much less self-important than many in the"rationality" community (Slate Star Codex, Robin Hanson, etc.), for better and worse. Example: Dylan Matthews on why he donated a kidney to a stranger

    Reply All

    Edited: Forays into the weeds of technology and the internet, with an eye to its unexpected social consequences. Very smart, with a light and wry tone that some find annoyingly twee, but I love.

    Example: when one of the hosts gets approached by scammers, he does everything he can to get to know them and figure out how they work.


    Revisionist History






    Song Exploder


    Stacking the Bricks

    Conversational: Amy Hoy and Alex Hillman talk about practical entrepreneurship, with a focus on digital products. There are endless entrepreneur podcasts. What makes this one better is, first, that the hosts are opinionated: they go far beyond the superficial cheerleading of most vapid hosts, and aren't afraid to criticize popular figures like Eric Ries; and second, that they hate easy answers and see this stuff as incredibly hard.

    There's always some element of pyramid scheme to these things, where the hosts are using their own proprietary terminology, and inviting guests who can attest to its value. That said, this is much more listenable than most self promoting hucksters out there (cough Tim Ferriss cough)

    Example episode: Amy and Alex tell about their first brushes with entrepreneurship, as kids. "Kids Incorporated"

    https://player.fm/1jsjXx #nowplaying





    The Allusionist


    The Bill Simmone Podcast

    Conversational: interviews and guest conversations that are sports-focused, but not exclusively. Simmons is a phenomenal radio talent who can make anything interesting. Example: Simmons trying to convince NBA player guests that the playoffs should start with a sudden death mini-tournament of all the teams not good enough to really contend for the title.

    Example: Daryl Morey episode

    The Ezra Klein Show

    Conversational: inverview show with an excellent selection of guests. They tend towards involvement with politics and social change, but also range widely. Klein is a curious person, a close listener who wants to learn and is open to being challenged. Some find him a bit milquetoast, but I have come to find his smart, unadorned exploration refreshing.

    The Fifth Column with Kmele Foster

    Conversational: libertarian-leaning takedowns of policy stupidity and its enablers. Smart, casual and irreverent, and expands my point of view. Foster has productive conversations with people he disagrees with, a rarity. Example: Foster interviews Henry Louis Gates Jr. and George Yancy, two scholars who disagree with him significantly about race in America, and they explore their different perspectives incisively.

    The Impact with Sarah Kliffe

    Edited: Excellent deep dives into areas of policy and their impact on real people. Erudite without being impenetrable.

    Example: 鈥淐ar crashes versus plane crashes鈥 ( check name), the story of how doctors and nurses mounted an effort to stop accepting children鈥檚 deaths as inevitable, and instead treat them each as a failure whose cause must be determined.

    The Weeds

    Conversational: crazy-smart, liberal-progressive discussions of current policy and political debates, with a section in every episode about a new whitepaper. When all three hosts are firing on all cylindars, there鈥檚 nothing better. Unfortunately, sometime guest host Jane Coaston is frighteningly incurious, and just as bad as incurious conservatives like Ben Shapiro. And on some topics, such as campus activist illiberalism, I think all the hosts dodge the toughest questions.

    Track Changes

    Conversational: Interviews and reflections by the founders of Postlight, a software product consultancy in Manhattan. Example: the history of Gawker and internet media with Elizabeth Spiers, founder of Gawker.

    Unregistered with Thaddeus Russell

    Conversational: Russell is a devoted contrarian, and this podcast is devoted to exploring subjects you aren鈥檛 supposed to explore. It鈥檚 meandering and far too long, but sometimes I hear things I absolutely would never hear anywhere else. Example: a long discussion on dissenting from mainstream norms surrounding race, with Kmele Foster: https://player.fm/1ketpc #nowplaying

    Russell鈥檚 extended interview with a fiction writer friend about her sexuality, including discussing lots of sexting between her and Russell.

    Waking Up

    Conversational: Sam Harris is an iconoclastic centrist 鈥 conservative on immigration, Islamism and foreign policy; liberal on social issues and opposition to Trump and Christian fundamentalism. He鈥檚 an aggressive debater, sometimes with brillant points, sometimes seeming to me to be closed-minded and horribly stubborn. He鈥檚 also deeply devoted to meditation and mindfulness. Lots of ideas I haven鈥檛 considered here, even if I often disagree strongly with him.

    You Must Remember This with

    Edited: Dramatically performed and extensively researched journeys into the dark side of Hollywood history. Example: a 5-part series about the Hollywood of Charles Manson, his cult and their victims.

    Wethepeople Live with Josh Zepps

    Straightforward interviews on interesting topics. Nothing spectacular, but often the guests are thought provoking. Example: Paul Shapiro on why it might be more ethical to eat beef than to eat eggs.

    Modest conversations with Sam Lessin

    Conversational: Conversations about technology and ideas. Lesson is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur--I have been a very unsatisfied user of his latest app--and unlike most interview / conversation podcast, he argues back cogently with his guests.

    Road Trippin with RJ and Channing

    Conversational: A shining example of the way podcasting brings in new voices and gives you a window into people's unvarnished reality. RJ and Channing are NBA journeymen, not stars, and they have a rank and file perspective on the game and the industry. Players like Tim Duncan famous for avoiding the press will go on Road Trippin to shoot the breeze

    Example: Real talk about the experience of being traded

    Episode 51: Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder Opening Night Preview by Road Trippin鈥: Richard vs. Channing

    https://player.fm/1nERFL?t=2088 #nowplaying

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    Hey @rrhoover , my current include:

    • Mixergy

    • How I Built This

    • Indie Hackers

    • Dent (Glen Carlson)

    • Online Course Masters

    • Akimbo

    • The Jordan Harbinger Show

    • Overshare (by Working Not Working)

    • Impact Theory

    • Founder Chats

    • Zen Founder

    • a few others
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    Guy Raz's How I Built This

    Chris Guillebeau's Side Hustle School

    Nick Loper's The Side Hustle Show

    Wondery's Business Wars

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    Jocko Podcast (leadership)

    The Garner Report (strength training and nutrition)

    Indie Hackers (entrepreneurship)

    Playmakers (game industry, unfortunately no new episodes since last summer)

  12. 1


    • Indie Hackers - never missed an episode

    • Marketplace Tech with Molly Wood - a quick way to catch up with tech world's daily hot topic

    • Angel the podcast with Jason Calacanis - learning about the tech world from angel investors' PoV

    • How I Built This - great stories of how great businesses are built

    • Inside Intercom Podcast - great strategies and tips on marketing, startups and design shared by successful SaaS businesses

    • Grumpy Old Geeks - who doesn't love listening to grumpy old geeks complaining about shenanigans of the tech world

    • The James Altucher Show

    • a16z podcast

    • Y combinator podcast

    • The Twenty Minute VC


    • This American Life: touching, sad, inspiring and thought-provoking stories of American people

    • Fresh Air: in-depth interviews with figures from all arenas

    • Freakonomics Podcast

    • Stuff You Should Know

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    Ryan, aside from those you already mentioned, I enjoy Developer Tea podcast for some of the nuggets of wisdom on being a professional developer. Everyone Hates Marketers is a fantastic podcast I learned about from one of the IH podcasts. I pick and choose from the Tim Ferris podcast as he has some interesting formats. I recently stumbled on the Knowledge Project podcast, not sure how I feel about it yet. The Startup Chat with Steli and Hiten has some really great gems.

    Those are my top picks now with time being a premium

  14. 1
    • Indie Hackers -- 100% of shows

    • Software Engineering Radio -- 80%

    • Talk Python to me -- 80%

    • Software Engineering Daily -- 30%

    • Tim Ferris show - 10%

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    I still wonder how people can listen to 1H+ podcasts, focus and still have time to finish it in one go :)

    I am a big fan of Kevin Rose and Noah Kagan podcasts. Although I like Tim Ferris interviews, I just don't have 3 hours to listen to them :/

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    The tim ferrriss show (the best podcast ever, never disappoints, just pick any episode on the list).

    Conversations with tyler ( Focused more on macro economics).

    James altucher show ( the early episodes are good but lately he has turned to standup comedy so a lot of comics).

    Space talk or star talk with neil degrasse tyson ( a standup comedian interviewes a physicist science and fun).

    The knowledge project ( the episode with naval ravikant probably the best episode every).

    freakanomics ( macro economics)

    TED Radio Hour ( combines three to four ted talks under one theme, follow up interviews with the speakers).

    In our time ( BBC, the best podcast on history, the interviewer asks the basic questions from university professors about awesome topics like black holes, US civil war, TESLA, nutrinos, P=NP)

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    Don't really have time for much podcast listening but my favourite are The Knowledge Project and Indie Hackers.

    I occasionally listen to Tim Ferriss, YCombinator and James Altucher.

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    IH is at the top of my rotation right now for tech/entrepreneurship, my favorites outside of that genre are:

    • Gastropod

    • The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe

    • Inquiring Minds

    • FoundMyFitness

    • Science Friday

    • Tim Ferriss

    1. 1

      Foundmyfitness is great to follow on FB and Twitter imo.

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    I am frequent listener and have been listening to Jason (TWIST) since his first Mark Suster interview (early 2011).. His podcast are very informative and you can acquire abundance of knowledge and concepts within Startups. Probably the best to learn about VC and angel investors. I have learnt what ROFR stands for: Right Of First Refusal -ROOOFR ROOOFR! :p

    Having said that, I take some of his viewpoint with a grain of salt. For instance, he fervently believe millennials won't be buying cars but instead riding on Uber. According to him, that would be their default transportation solution, leasing or hiring car? 'meh!'

    I suppose it is the valley bubble. That's my surmise. Foundr podcast is really good too. No one tops Courtland Allen - high production, flow and natural conversational style. Loving all the suggestions here, going to check them out.

  21. 1
    • Indie Hackers

    • How I built this

    • 99% Invisible

    • Snap Judgement

    • How It Began

    • Memory Palace

    • Tim Ferriss Show

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    Build your SaaS is good

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    A few of my favorites:

    • The Tony Kornheiser Show

    • ESPN's PTI (I'm in Japan, so sometimes miss the sports windbag genre)

    • Here's the Thing, Alec Baldwin

    • Today Explained (Vox Media)

    • The Lowe Post (NBA)

    • How I built this

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  25. 1

    Some of my favourites : The Tim Ferris Show, Zen Founder, IndieHackers, This week in Science., Mixergy - Startup Stories.

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    99% invisible: THE design podcast.

    In Our Time: every now and then it gets somewhat tedious and I have to take a hiatus but having a bunch of British academics talk in detail for an hour can be oddly satisfying.

    Planet Money: one of the consistently great podcasts with superb production values.

    TED Radio Hour: not a huge TED fan but damn do they have a great catalog and this format of involving previous TED talk(ers) around a major topic makes TED so much more enjoyable.

    The Savvy Psychologist: actual suggestions on how to have a better mental life.

    Stephen Fry's Great Leap Years: new podcast showing some promise but often gets bogged down in the details. Fry is a exceptional voice talent, though.

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    Some of my current favorites,

    • Hello Internet

    • The Tim Ferriss Show

    • Radiolab

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    My Go to Podcasts currently are:

    Masters of Scale

    How I built this



    Tim Ferriss Podcast

    Trailblazers with Walter Isaacson

    99% Invisible

    Up First by NPR

    The Daily by NYT

    NPR Politics Podcast

    Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

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    School of greatness, Something you should know and GaryVee audio experience

  30. 1

    I like the Nir and Far podcast and Bill Burr's podcast

  31. 1

    99% Invisible by Roman Mars is one of my favorite podcasts.

  32. 0

    Good time to plug my podcast, since I do like it 馃檪