November 8, 2018

What are your methods for spreading the word about your company?

How do you spread the word about your company? I'm trying to raise awareness for so any tips for this market specifically would be appreciated, but anything is appreciated.

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    A little brainstorming:

    • Testimonials on the home page might help (kind of goes with what Sam said - show some work).

    • The content marketing suggestion is a good idea for long-term visibility.

    • Offer something free. This doesn't scale, but giving a free consultation or just an hour of free work can get people interested and make them trust you.

    • Many people may not be willing to drop 1k on someone they don't know and trust. Maybe an introductory 8 hours or so will relieve that tension.

    • Start finding communities and make a gigantic list of people. Willing to do WP or Shopify development? Find where they go. Subreddits, Quora, Facebook - look for places where businesses talk about tech issues. Start with a list and try to rank by likelihood of them paying.

    • In most communities, people will be skeptical, so you need to help them. Contribute by offering suggestions when you know the problem well, offer to look at code and help with a small fix or help diagnose.

    • Based on those communities, you may be able to start with a niche group that gains trust in you. People see your posts and the gratitude in replies from genuine help in a time of need.

    • Pay for ads. Most of us are trying to bootstrap and our spending can't be very high, but this is an option for some :)

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      Incredible valuable feedback @AndrewV ! Thank you!

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    We launched WPMRR alongside WP Buffs a couple weeks ago and here are some of the things that worked for us:

    • Leverage our WP Buffs email list. Many people there would be interested in our video course and podcast so this definitely worked.

    • Leverage the traffic on The site gets decent traffic so sending some over to has been pretty solid too.

    • Leverage the WordPress community. I have a personal email list of people I know in the community, including a few people who I featured in the course as guest coaches. These people have helped me spread the word because they're my awesome friends. I owe them one.

    13 yearly members have signed up since we launched ~2 weeks ago so not too shabby! Definitely hoping for more as time goes on but it's a good start :)

    P.S. Thanks, @channingallen!

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    I really like this concept! Seems like this is news worthy. So maybe reach out to some tech writers. Another way would be to reach out to podcasts that focus on helping people start business. Maybe Pat Flynn or Chris Gillabeau.

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      News worthy? That makes me happy haha.

      Trying to get on the news is an excellent idea, I'm going to look into it, I'm just afraid we might grow too fast to handle. We are looking to grow slowly and organically and adapt over time.

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    1. Write up a couple of long-form posts with a lot of screen shots diving deep into what your product does.

    2. Search out Quora for questions that your product can provide a direct solution to. Write detailed answers with a link at the bottom to more information.

    3. Do a couple of video walkthroughs - and maintain a channel on YouTube. Make sure the title of your videos and tags are aligned with what your potential customers are searching for.

    4. Use Followerwonk or Phantombuster to build out highly targeted and relevant Twitter audiences and run a Promoted Tweet to those lists with either you videos or long-form guides.

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      Great tips! Thank you !

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    Nice idea btw, just checked out your site. I would recommend that you put up some actual examples (getting people to email will cause you to lose a lot of interest because people are lazy!)

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      Hi Just to add to @sam. Make sure You have an SSL certificate for your website.

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      Really appreciate the feedback! Yeah people are lazy haha that's why we have the chat button there, instant reply from us :)

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    You can try to spam links in related Indie Hacker threads

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    • A referral program - I've implemented a referral program for my new company (launched last month) and have gained 44 clients so far, most from referrals :)

    • Cold Emails - Not everyone's "cup of tea", but definitely one that you'll need to grasp in the beginning stages of your company for sure. For the next 6 months, I plan to consistently reach out to potential clients every day.

    As for cold emails, please ensure you customise the emails a little to show you actually care about who you are contacting (even provide them value). E.g. My company is a music distribution platform. When I reach out to a music producer, I listen to 1/2 of his/her songs and then mention it in their emails (What I loved about the song, etc), because I actually care about their time + value their production! :)

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    Great job! Just so you know, the main "Just 580$" button on the front page has an error when clicked...

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      Thanks for letting me know! I'll check it asap!

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    I'm in the same boat as you. Seems the conventional wisdom is to build a following with some content marketing, to drive traffic to your site (but most probably won't get overnight results!).

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      Building a following is your long game.

      Paid ads (or any way to quickly buy new customers) are your short game.

      The key is to get more and more referrals from your short game to build up your following and also pay for your product.

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      Very true! I'm planning on adding value to other people's lives very soon :)

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