May 3, 2018

What are your monthly expenses and monthly revenue?


Recently I was thinking a lot about how to lower my project monthly expenses, and from what I heard it is much better just to focus on increasing your monthly revenue.

Content Creation Cost per year ($4K-10K)

Monthly revenue (low seasons $500- high seasons $4K).

So Should we focus on lowering cost or focus on Revenue ?

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    Our experience with Intercom.

    We started with $49/month and as our users were growing, we were starting to bear about $376/month.

    We later evaluated and switched to Freshchat after reading good reviews. The cost came down significantly to $24/month.

    It is worth considering. Hope this helps :)

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    I agree with you that it's better to focus on revenue over savings. Often the subscriptions can feel like a lot, but compared to monthly revenue are tiny after all.

    If your business can't afford $200-500 in monthly costs, then you have a much bigger problem, and saving money isn't gonna fix that.

    My monthly recurring costs are currently around $120 between, GitHub, email services and some business admin services. I'm sitll on the AWS free tier, and once that's over it'll add around $30-40 a month.

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    My monthly costs are about $50/month right now.

    And my revenue is $0/month 馃槀

    I haven't monetized my product yet but I'm hoping to have that done/going by the end of May 馃槃

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    The only position where you could realize some noteworthy savings is Content Creation. But I guess this would have a negative impact on the quality and thereby lowering your revenue. tl;dr focus on revenue.

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    For the maplegum business it's around $500/month between servers, domain renewals that come up, and subscriptions. It'll probably be up over $2k by this point next month as we start ramping up marketing. I don't have an exact figure right now but I'm adding expenses into our new public dashboard so it'll be interesting to see.

    How much can you realistically save on $200? Like say you save $20 but it takes you 6 hours of migration to wordpress and an extra hour a month. That is 7 hours you could be spent trying to make $20. You only need to make $3/hr for it to make more sense to go for the revenue. So your baseline is good.

    For content creation if the content is returning value then I'd focus on getting more revenue as well. If you're getting a lot of low quality/low return content then it might be worth optimising that funnel a bit but you have single months that cover almost all your content costs so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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      Just a heads up, I tried visiting maplegum through your profile link and the dns lookup failed.

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        Oops. Thanks for letting me know!