June 12, 2018

What are your top 5 sales tools for a Startup?

We're all here to grow side projects into bigger businesses (some passive, some aggressively scaling).

What experience do you have on ways to scale using sales softwares/tools etc.

Be good to get an idea on:

Sales CRM's

Sales Prospecting Tools

Email marketing Tools

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    Depending on your unit economics and funnel type either Drift or Intercom.



    Drift is usually a better fit for higher touch with larger CLTVs and inside sales teams. You probably do demos with decision makers in your funnel.

    Intercom shines in low or no touch SaaS funnels where you want to use marketing automation drive all of your AARRR metrics. You probably send most users to a free trial sign up and save demos for enterprise and key accounts.

    They facilitate humanizing the trial, use, and purchase of your product.

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    If you use email (specifically Gmail) a lot to interact with customers, I recommend Streak. It is a bit pricey, but worth it. Have been using it for the last two months.

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      Yes, I've heard they are big ones in Gmail! Are you a paid-for or free user of it?

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        Paid. My cofounder and I share the same email account to save $. They charge per user.

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    I've been in sales for a really long time, b2b and b2c. My recommendation would be to start at Hubspot. They put out a ton of resources and even offer a free CRM. If you're not comfortable in selling, just remember, don't try to sell. Just talk about your product's benefits. If you talk to enough people, someone will pay for it. It's a numbers game. If you really want to get strategic and understand the full sales cycle, read up on Miller Heiman's Strategic and Conceptual Selling. There's great info there.

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      Hey Vez, I read a lot of advice and I really like the way that you've framed this. It makes sense and takes the perceived pressure off of 'selling'.

      Thanks for info :)

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    Hi Nick,

    I don't think the tool is anywhere near as important as the technique.

    We've been thinking about this quite a bit in our company. When should we follow up after a demo? How do we respond to price enquiries? When do we follow up with lapsed accounts?

    I'm an engineer, and that stuff doesn't come naturally to me. If anyone knows of any tools that are opinionated (in the sense of encouraging you to do something x days after an event), then great, but otherwise I'll match the tool based on the sales system.

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      I agree with David here. It’s much more important to map out your funnel and process first. Then find the tools that will allow you to execute the process you identified.

      The tools should allow you to iterate and test quickly the types of questions David is seeking answers to.

      David to your questions, most deal with timing.

      First a quick way to get great insights is to see what others do. Pick a leading SaaS you think is similar to yours. Go to their site and ask about pricing. Leave your email. Study how they follow up and nurture you. Emulate.

      In my opinion what’s more important than timing though is behavioral cues. So if I do a demo I’m definitely going to follow up. But I’ll have different ones. One for is they activated and didn’t retain. One for if they activated and retained. One for if they purchased. Etc.