January 21, 2019

What blogging platform would you recommend?

Hi IH folks

I'm planning to become an indie hacker this year.

A lot of the advice I've been reading says that building an audience via a blog is a good first step (I'm pre-idea right now). I have a blog via github pages, but if I'm going to take this seriously, it seems like something with good search and commenting (including spam-prevention) features would be a good idea.

I was thinking of using hosted wordpress, but I wondered if people had other recommendations.

What blogging platform would you recommend?

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    Thanks for all of the helpful advice and comments, folks.

    Hosted wordpress sounds like the winner, for my particular situation. It's important to me that people are able to comment on posts, which means I would have to set that up separately if I wanted to use any of the static site generators.

    I agree with the concerns of at least one commenter about medium.com having too much control, so although I might look into syndicating posts there, hosted wordpress seems like the best option for me, for now.

    Thanks again to everyone who commented.

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      I got here late. But Wordpress is indeed your best solution. More freedom, less dependency on Medium feature for SEO purposes, and more design options which ultimately can increase the loyalty of your audience.

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    Best is highly subjective.

    Static/JAMStack requires a little more technical know how, but it comes with almost no maintenance​, very low costs, great tools, and very good performance.

    If the thought of doing a git-push after posting doesn't scare you away, this would be my recommendation.

    Otherwise, both Wordpress and Ghost are good choices. You can start out on a shared host and if/when you outgrow it, you can move to a more specialized​ host.

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      I'd go along with this. While WP is the most obvious choice and it is easy to use it does have downsides, speed, and security for one.

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      agreed here. though you need to know your tech

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    You said it right, building an audience is the reason most folks have a blog. The best way to build an audience is to blog on medium.com. You can also have your own platform and cross post to medium. In that case I'd recommend Wordpress because of the huge ecosystem around it.

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    Adding Disqus to your existing blog might be another option.

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    You chose right. WordPress is utterly dominant and becoming more so. Its share of top 10k sites is even stronger than it is for small sites.

    There's no reason you can't also syndicate every post to Medium, though.

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    1. Medium.com

    2. UserCV.com

    Medium currently has more traffic than UserCV can offer.

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    I recently started using svtble and Iove it. Super clean and minimalistic, costs $6/mo. Here's an example post from my blog:


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    Honestly, I think the best option today is Medium. You gain access to a huge potential audience and massive scalability right away. You can always draw people directly to your website with extra offers, deeper dives into your blogs and posts and mailing lists.

    There's even opportunity to monetize your best content through their partner program. I don't think there are really any negatives, especially when starting out. Once you build an audience there, you can direct more content to your website.

    I've also seen people embed their medium pages into their WP, although honestly I'm not precisely sure how they've done it without say a crappy iframe.

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      I think Medium is one of the worse choices. Yes, the early traffic and eye-balls are nice, but they are never truly​ yours.

      In addition, you are at their mercy for everything (such as the removal of custom domains and annoying popups).

      Growing an audience is a slow process and one that will take time. Do it on your own domain with all of the control.

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      Medium used to be great for reach but their priorities have shifted a lot. I have a decent amount of followers there and without extra promotion I get perhaps a couple of dozen extra views. Used to be hundreds

      And there's no good way to collect email addresses or add your tracking codes.

      I'd go with hosted Wordpress.

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    I'm personally using Canvas on my blog but Ghost is probably way nicer and easier to setup.

    If you're not that much into code then probably Wordpress is a bit friendlier.

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      Thanks. I'm very into code, which is one reason I might go the hosted route. If I host the blog myself, I'll probably spend ages fiddling with it!