May 16, 2018

What do you do when you "just want to talk to someone" but nobody is around?

Just wondering whether this is a problem for anyone?

For me it kind of is.

Let me explain.

I'm CMO of an IaaS provider with 7 figure ARR with slightly plateauing growth. So the pressure is on me to turn that around.

My "team" consists of your typical designer/developer/sales types. Highly specialised. Talented. Yet not great conversationalists for "indiehacker" style discussions ie. out-of-the-box (yet pragmatic and theoretically executable) growth strategies.

My big problem in life right now is that when decision time comes, I usually have around 2-3 seemingly great ways to execute but I am just itching to discuss it (rather argue it) with someone at a high level.

I've resorted to creating job postings on Upworks like "60 minutes call with expert <insert here specialty>" just so I can satiate my need for conversation. Anyone else can relate?

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    Sounds like a Mastermind group may help. I’ve never been part of one but I’ve heard good things.

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      +1 – I've had a great experience in the past with a mastermind.

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    I've definitely experienced this, specifically as a designer on an engineering-dominated product teams. Fortunately I had some design-minded engineers around who I could explore ideas with and do design reviews. But there was a lot of time where I still felt similarly starved for conversation about ongoing projects.

    Coaches, consultants and masterminds all seem like decent options. Or maybe there's room to hire somebody senior to work below you?

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    Hi Fotis,

    I am a coach and that is precisely what I've been taught to do: to listen to people, to ask the right kind of questions and to help reorganize the thoughts.

    If you interesting we can book a session. First one is free.



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    Feels good to hear someone ask this question... guess that means I'm here to talk if you ever need someone :P

    Check out though