September 13, 2018

What Ethereum dapp would you like to use on your phone?

Which Ethereum dapp(s) have you used on your laptop in the browser with MetaMask that you wish there were a standalone mobile app for?

  1. 3

    None. The dapps out there are still useless.

  2. 2

    Generally speaking, I would prefer apps that require more frequent engagement (eg banking/finance [exchanges], communication [peepeth], ecommerce [not sure if these exist yet].

  3. 2

    An Augur mobile app would be nice.

  4. 2

    None. Ether is going nowhere fast, so is most crypto. Virtual currencies in games have more life than blockchain zombieware. I hope I eat these words because we do need digital privacy, but I'm just not seeing much value being created beyond speculative bubbles.

  5. 2

    For anyone curious, I found this list of popular dapps: