November 7, 2018

What is the best "About" page you have seen?

We will probably be adding an About page soon for OneUp, but I don't want the boring fluff that you see on some websites.

Does anyone have some good inspiration from websites they've come across? Could be funny, serious, or anywhere in between.

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    Two good ones come to mind at the moment:

    They tell a story and really get across why they built Notion.

    Very clear about their mission and values.

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    How about mine?


    I just launched a testing version seconds ago, for pre-launch campaigns which will happen in a week.

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      To be honest, I think it is way too text heavy. It seems more like a feature page than an about page 😕

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        You are right. It’s more like a blog post at the moment. For the About page, I think it may depend on what the stage of you product, what you want to tell your users when they click “About”. Perhaps no unified standard.

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      Your Kickstarter buttons don't work

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        Thank you, Stavik!

        I haven't launched the KickStarter campaign yet. The About page is in testing and proofreading phase. I haven't started promote this page except mentioning it in this community.

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    Along with having one of the most insane user experiences on a website I have ever seen, they do a unique "Our Story" (aka About us) that is a series of tabs explaining why they made the site.

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      That is great, super engaging!

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    Crazy interactive, has sound, and implements Lion King.

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    Hi Davis,

    I suggest ours from Y-Productive:

    It follows a simple logic and design. First, a visitor cares to learn the value of the product in a very short form, to decide if he wants to learn the details.

    Then, if any interest, the people behind the product and how to reach them if anything. Last but not least, some details about the team's values and reasons to build a product.

    It took me 8 sentences for the whole page. Could be even shorter - depends on if you want to provide some additional details, like my link to the blog post on how the idea of Y-Productive was born.

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    For personal websites:

    For companies:

    Also, check out his other designs:

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      Just realized that I didn't view this one until now 🤯

      It is really informative and to the point. Compliments @csallen

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      Yeah it is!

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    Mine? Just kidding.. but it DOES feature me in 3D full body scan 🤟🏻


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      Share the link 🤓

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        Added it 😎

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          It's definitely unique!

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    I had same issue once I was designing an about page for TheSaaS. I looked into lots of known startup websites and get something from each one. Based on the content you want to put inside the about page, I suggest you to take a look at About 1 and About 3 for some inspiration.