October 10, 2018

What is the most views you have ever received on a blog post?

Curious to see:

  1. What you wrote

  2. How many views it got

  3. How you acquired most of the views (SEO, social media, email list, etc.)

Hoping to inspire each other with content ideas and distribution strategies

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    My blog post You Think the Visual Studio Code binary you use is a Free Software? Think again. reached 60k unique visitors in 2 days. Mostly from the 1st page of HN and r/linux.

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      Nice! Did you post it to those places yourself?

      1. 1

        r/linux yes. It was posted on HN by someone else.

  2. 2
    1. After hearing the ridiculous name of a new cryptocurrency, I wrote a blog "quiz" to see if you could tell the difference between Pokemon names and cryptcurrency names: https://hackernoon.com/cryptocurrency-or-pokemon-quiz-can-you-tell-which-one-is-which-6d1b7b4735c1

    2. It got over 16,000 views in the first month.

    3. The traffic sources are split pretty evenly between Google, Reddit, "email, IM, and direct" (people just sharing it with friends), and Facebook. If you google "pokemon or cryptocurrency" I have the first few results (I made a few sequel quizzes).

  3. 1
    1. Dear Client, Please Stop Asking For A Ballpark Estimate - http://www.christopherhawkins.com/2016/05/ballpark-estimate/

    2. Almost 20,000

    3. I promoted via several channels, but most of the traffic came from Hacker News - which is probably why the traffic didn't result in a single new subscriber, new sale, or new client.

    Oddly enough, that's not my most consistent blog post. That honor falls to How To Turn Down Freelance Work Gracefully - http://www.christopherhawkins.com/2015/09/how-to-turn-down-freelance-work-gracefully/.

    That one has similar numbers, but it's been super-consistent, to the point that it's currently my most popular post, month-to-month, which seems weird to me.

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      Where does traffic come from for the second one? Google?

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      That's great :) What are "a few places"?

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        Not exactly sure as I lost the stats from back then when I migrated to Gatsby. Twitter, Slack and some random sites.