July 15, 2018

What other communities are you apart of?

I'm interested in finding people I can relate to. Indie Hackers does a great job of bringing startup-minded individuals together.

I'm looking to find my place. I'm especially interested in tech, creative, startups, and entrepreneurship.

What are other communities you are apart of?

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    Currently just joined Maker's Kitchen, a budding community of makers on Slack.

    MakeHub, another community focused on product updates.

    Finally, Makerlog, a product I'm working on shipping. (DM if you want an invite. 馃槈)

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      Your links don't work (IH needs http starting URLs for some reason), here's fixed ones:




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        Thanks for that! Fixing now.

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      So what's the different between makerlog and wip.chat?

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        Hi, heavily inspired by it, actually! (Also tagging @saurominati, asked the question too).

        I built it as a fun side project, for these reasons:

        1. I needed it to integrate with my workflow transparently. Makerlog is API centric and easy to integrate with your own apps. You can post events from anywhere!

        2. Free. As a student, I couldn't afford WIP.chat, so I built my own.

        3. Stats. I wanted something with great stats, because that's what productivity tools do.

        Core value-wise, not very different, but in terms of features, it has a lot of little things that make it great. 馃槢

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      Hi, a quick question - How Makerlog is different from Work in Progress?

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    Few growth hack communities like BAMF or SAAS Growth Hacks (on Facebook). Plus some great communities in Polish (I'm from Poland). ;)

    Also, since yesterday I'm a part of new community launched by IH member - https://makerskitchen.xyz/

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      I've seen a lot of Slack groups. How do those work? Is it simply a shared group chat, or something much more?

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        You know... it's all about people. ;) Try it.

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        It's essentially a group chat split into 'channels', which are separate chats within the group.

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          Do you recommend any that have this format?

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        Oh most of the Slack channels I've been a part of are pure spam. 馃檲

        Would love to know some good ones!

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          makerskitchen.xyz has pretty much no spam, all genuine people helping each other & celebrating each other's successes

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    I recently joined Maker's Kitchen - https://makerskitchen.xyz

    It's a free slack community for makers. It was created by @dinuka. We ship, build, design together. The community is really nice. The people are really friendly and helpful.

    Ever since I joined the Kitchen, I've been so eager to ship and help others ship. If you're an Indie Maker, you should join the Kitchen.

    I also use Makerlog (https://getmakerlog.com) by @sergiomattei. It goes with my workflow to log my ships 馃洺

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    Dynamite Circle and Founder Cafe. Both are paid communities.

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      This cost allot of $$$ is it worth it?

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        I don't remember the exact costs; I think Founder Cafe is around $300 per quarter (4 months) and Dynamite Circle about $500 per year. Are they worth it? Tough questions; it's hard putting a dollar amount on the value. Since both are paid communities, the signal to noise ratio is a bit better compared to some free communities. Plus you'll see more established business owners on both communities. Whenever you're struggling with specific issues in your business, both communities can definitely be valuable. It also helps if you attend both conferences associated with the communities (MicroConf for Founder Cafe and DCBKK for Dynamite Circle).

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          I know what you mean , froums like this one also full of self promotions and clickbaits difficult no get quality stuff from the noise

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    You can check subreddits such as r/SideProject, r/Entrepreneur, r/sidehustle for startups/ entrepreneurship.

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    Being surrounded with like-minded people is incredibly important.

    Indie Hackers is a great place because most of us are at a similar phase (ie. just getting started...in the grand scheme of things).

    However, if you want to go deeper, my worldview is that you'll find better connections the more niche you can go. That way, you aren't just in a virtual room with people interested in "tech"...but in a specific niche where conversations can go deeper.

    If you are interested in habit building + accountability + entrepreneurship, you should check out my project (www.tribefive.me)! We pair up groups of 5 people at a time to work together and build better habits. During each 30 day challenge, you'll get to connect on a different level with a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs by working together and holding each other accountable to take action each day.



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      Also Jonathan, where can I reach you to give you feedback on the app?

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        You can always reach me at jonathan@tribefive.me. Look forward to your feedback along the way =)

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      wonderful idea.

      are you planning on releasing a web app?

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        Unsure when the web app will come to life. That's because one of the primary interactions depends on push notifications.

        Are you on Android by chance? We are working on that next! If you sign up on the waitlist, I can let you know as soon as it's available.

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      That's awesome. Well worded plug :p I'll definitely sign up and see what's up, looks promising :)