July 11, 2018

What scares you the most about doing sales and promoting your work?

The two topics can become overwhelming to look at in their entirety, because of the uneasy relationship a lot of people have with them.

What do you want to get better at that will let you move forward?

A lot of general advice is already out there, so with your context and the specific point of view, what are your biggest issues?

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    I think the fear is predominantly feeling like you have one chance to get it right. If your landing page is poor and you Show IH/HN or pitch to Product Hunt, and hear crickets, what's next? It's a fear of being judged on what you've made in the short-term (MVP), against things that others have spent years polishing (large, established products users are familiar with).

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    At the beginning of all my projects, I for sure was scared to put my face out there. Announce on Twitter that I launched something, launch on ProductHunt with my personal profile.

    What if I ruined my name? What if coworkers found out? I feel like many people struggle with the same (hence why we see so many project-bound accounts in here :) ).

    By overcoming this issue and just doing it, I definitely grew a lot as a person.

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      Yeah, this is an important point. Facing the outside world guarantees personal growth, and that's a really big deal.