November 8, 2018

What tools are best for making YouTube demo videos and courses?

I really want get into making app demo videos and courses in a seamless manner. Please share some of the ways you produce video content.

If anyone has some tutorials that would be great also.

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    I have a 200+ videos, ~1500+ subscribers on my youtube (

    I used to use iShowU, but now I use OBS (

    For editing, I'm pretty simple and just use iMovie to add a simple watermark, which takes a couple of minutes (I should probably just automate that).

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    I just used Open Broadcaster Software (free) to record the demo for It was software I already had on my PC for video game streaming, but it can be used to record your screen along with microphone and other inputs. There are also some websites that perform one-off video-editting functions for you. I found one that just merges multiple mp4's into a single one, and that was all I needed.

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    Hi, I use the online Creator Studio or Movavi Video Editor I can make some specific changes to any uploaded video, including the audio track. Check it out

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    For those who, like me, love the shell on Linux, I use ffmpeg for any recording purposes.

    I can basically record any stream (audio, video) from a precise input to a precise output. It's really, really powerful.

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    I use Camtasia studio, it's not free but very easy to use for recording and editing.