October 11, 2018

What would getting lucky look like for your project? and how would it change things?

Maybe it's getting hunted by Ryan Hoover himself

Maybe it's getting a killer write up from an influencer in your space

Maybe it hits the front page of reddit and blows up

What would be the luckiest thing that could happen to your company? And how would it change things for you?

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    Probably getting my app reviewed by a big blog in the mental health space. It would mean much more users and feedback so I can improve the app.

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      Where are you sitting at with MAUs now? Done any big reddit pushes yet?

      I'm thinking you could crush on:




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        Firebase Analytics says 269 MAU. But I'm certain that's wrong given that total users are around 300. About 60 are probably me creating new accounts to test features.

        I've been meaning to post on those subreddits, but Reddit is so picky about promoting yourself even if you do it subtly.

        I most on other subreddits like /r/design_critiques when it's openly encourages to share stuff. And sometimes I message people off those anxiety niche subreddits, it gets me some brilliant feedback but not enough users.

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          Those are really good numbers!

          Yeah sometimes people can get kind of shitty when you show and tell on subreddits... That being said, I think your target demo is probably less likely to be hanging out on r/design_critiques right?

          One I like to do, is find three or four similar subreddits that have around 3k-5k subscribers and do as many versions of a post. See which one does best. And then a week or so later republish that to the biggest relevant community.

          Could you incentivize your happiest users to post on your behalf on these groups?

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            That's a good strategy, I'll try it out!

            I don't have any loyal users yet that would be willing to post on my behalf...and even then, Redditors accuse the person of being the developer posing as a fan!

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    I'm not even after anything that big. I just want that first paid customer. It would mean that I'm on to something and it's worth pushing forward.

    Just. gotta. launch.

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      man I hear you... launching is a bear sometimes!

      What are you building?

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        It's a tool to help strengthen your relationships. Focusing on quality engagements, tracking things that matter to you about individuals in your life. His name is Albert.


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    Well, I thought the luckiest news to happen to my startup was that Twitter removed it's Facebook integration. Haven't seen any residue. I'm not sure people really miss it :/