October 10, 2018

What would you expect from a successful Product Hunt launch?

Hi guys,

It has been a very strange day from my latest project Cruip yesterday!

The backstory: During the morning (and the day after the official launch here on Indie Hackers), I noticed that someone had hunted us on Product Hunt! For obvious reasons, we weren’t ready for such a thing so early, but we didn't have options, so we've prepared all the necessary as quickly as possible, and we've hoped for the best.

We've been hunted at 1 pm CEST, so we were already tons of upvotes behind the top five, but we didn't give up, and in just one hour we reached the top 3, and at the end of the day we made it the product of the day!

Apart from the story, I've collected some stats and personal thoughts that I would like to share with you all:

Product Hunt Stats (24 hours)

  • Unique Visitors: 3.500+

  • Page Views: 8.300+

  • Subscribers: 600+

  • Downloads: 1.200+

These numbers come just from Product Hunt, in less than 24 hours!

What I learned:

  • A good product can make the job without a proper marketing, but not vice-versa.

  • We’ll never have the full control, so when something “bad” happens, just try to turn it in an occasion.

  • People are incredible! The traction has started when we’ve placed a simple banner on our website “ please support us on Product Hunt.

  • Consider Product Hunt has a great opportunity, but you can’t rely on one-time exposures to grow a startup audience

Happy to share additional stats, just ask!

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    Why didn't you set up upcoming page on ProductHunt?

    1. 1

      Do you mean Product Hunt Ship? If so, I tried once with another product, and honestly, I haven't been impressed with the results!

      1. 2

        Yes, Ship. We have a lot success with our upcoming page, more than 400 subscribers only from ProductHunt without inserting our leads. And we are using paid option. Even if you don't have success it's good to use their Free plan and prevent to be hunted before you want someone to hunt you :)

        BTW, I saw your product yesterday on PH and downloaded 3 templates immediately :)

        1. 1

          Great, and I hope you're enjoying them :) The stats you've reported are very interesting, so I would reconsider it for the next time (especially to prevent unexpected hunters :)).

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    That is one worst thing about Producthunt, anyone can post it on producthunt without even bothering to inform you. What if you were doing some site maintenance and took the site down for few hours? That's going to leave a negative opinion for your visitors.

    Anyway Congrats for being on the top. Its a good start to have 4 paid users on the first day, it confirmed that people are ready to buy.

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      That's exactly true and i am planning to write a post about 'what PH makes wrong."

      1. 1

        That is very much needed. Let me know your post I like to read and share it.

        Copy/Paste from the my below comment... which you may like to cover in your post.

        ...There are many flaws with producthunt, any designer tools get much more visibility than others. Some hunts directly go to "Newer" section instead of "Popular" and they never going to get attention or upvotes. The flaws in ProductHunt begging for new portal like that to take that place which is much more reliable and developer friendly than random hunter friendly....

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          Thanks @prakis, i'll keep in mind. ;)

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      Thank you, and yes, this is exactly what happened! Btw, we didn't have paid customers :)

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        There are many flaws with producthunt, any designer tools get much more visibility than others. Some hunts directly go to "Newer" section instead of "Popular" and they never going to get attention or upvotes. The flaws in ProductHunt begging for new portal like that to take that place which is much more reliable and developer friendly than random hunter friendly.

        And about paid customers, I must have got confused about paid customers from other post.

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    Congratulations! Even though my product was also listed that day (Table2Site), I was rooting for you. You deserve to be the winner!

    My product was 5th and I published my stats here. Basically, half the numbers of your product :-)

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      Thank you for your endorsement Maarten! I wasn't aware of your product on the same day and congratulations to be in the top 5! I've just checked your stats, very interesting and good numbers :)

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        Question: how do you plan on monetizing your product?

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          At first, we'll be working on custom client commissions (via Cruip). It has been our first hypothesis validated! We're envisioning also a way to open our templates to no technical founders (hard challenge) but before that, we may want to work on some exclusive components or integrations! In short, we're still planning the second phase :)

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    Congrats! That's a great turnout. The same kind of story happened to us back in July. Maybe ProductHunt will be a good marketing strategy for you for a while ;)

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    Hey, that's really great, well done and thanks for the stats, Also the lessons learned are always a good read.

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    Wow congratulations! (Anzi, congratulazioni!) 😀

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    Congratulations! That is great.

    When people see a "gap" on the "narrative" of a brand, and they love the project they will fill that gap.

    For example if a Brand don't have Twitter / Instagram account.

    Leaving that kind of Gap you are giving up control, what is not good or bad, is just a choice.

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      The bigger success I see here is the fact that the product was Hunted :D

      1. 2

        Apparently, we thought it was a misfortune, but luckily we were wrong, so maybe yes :)

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    @Davidep86 thanks for sharing stats and congrats for the #1st place. Thats a great feedback from users. I think 'Free' and 'Landing Page' words are so engaging for PH community, but your product is also cool. Did you make any special move to get more feedback on PH? (things that we didnt read before)

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      Hi Firat, thank you! Maybe, and as said above, a banner on our website has made a huge difference (support us on PH)! But in our case, we had already a lot of traffic from external sources, so I don't know if it could work for everyone! Except for that, we didn't make any special move (lack of time).

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        Thanks for your answer Davide. We'll launch our product and i'll share our whole story here. Here is my old discussion about PH launch: https://www.indiehackers.com/forum/whats-your-secret-weapon-for-a-successful-producthunt-launch-e24f7bd812

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    Your landing pages look sick btw, when do you plan on having demo's for them?

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      Hi Ishmael, thank you! What do you mean? Actually we've live demos for each template!

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        Nothing happens when I click on DEMO or DOWNLOAD. Using Chrome (& tried FF) on Windows 10.

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          Hey Ishmael, what device are you using?

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            Laptop, HP, Windows 10, Chrome

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              Thanks! I'm going to verify that issue ASAP.

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    Congrats on being the product of the day! That's a big deal for being hunted when you didn't expect it, and 1,200 downloads/3,500 unique visitors is quite a conversion rate 😱

    Was there a certain type of landing page (validation/startup/etc) that was more successful than another? I wonder what most people are looking for.

    1. 1

      Thank you Kyle. Yes, I can't deny that we had a bad time in the beginning :)

      The most-downloaded template is Sienna, and there is not a huge difference between the categories! People are turning "validation" templates into "beta", "startup" and vice-versa. It's pretty nice :)

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        Cool! I suppose that means a lot of people are tweaking them to fit what they need.

        In my opinion one of the most underrated (and underestimated) steps in the process of building a landing page is nailing the design, and this would save a lot of time there!

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          Yes, and I agree 100% with you about the design-related part!