November 8, 2018

Whats some 30x500 course alternatives?

I was reading lean b2b, and I found its not what I want,

I'm at the "I have no idea what to do next, and I don't want to build something no one wants" phase.

While lean b2b assumes you already know what you should be working on, 30x500 has a component called "Safari", which helps you figure out people's problems.

now the problem is that 30x500 is not always available, @amyhoy puts it up every once in a while, it's expensive and I can't afford it.

is there any alternative to the "Safari" component or even the whole 30x500 course that you know of?

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    I’ve written up lots of content that is free on my site. Start here:

    Video version:

    Written version:

    For more implementation-y lessons, start with either a $14 talk I gave showing the process for my new SaaS, Pep, or the $99 workshop that called Sales Safari Live:

    There is no alternative to 30x500… literally nobody does what we do, or teaches what we teach, because I’m the inventor of the approach and it comes from my long background in using the same techniques for interaction design and copywriting. :)

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    Hello @evex.

    I can't comment on 30x500, don't know it.

    Do you have an idea and want to know what to do next?

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      "I have no idea what to do next, and I don't want to build something no one wants"

      I want to know how I can build something people wants to buy :)

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        "I have no idea what to do next..."

        The usage of the word next threw me, as next would suggest you are at some place that denotes you have already done something. So, to clarify, you are right at the beginning and have nothing, not even an idea. Is this correct?

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          Oh, I've done a couple of products and tried to sell them, but they failed, so I was wondering what I could do next,

          that's where this "next" came from, heheh

          Yea so now, I back at 0,

          I have no idea to work on, and I want to work on something that I know will sell,

          not like the past 4-5 projects...

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            Ah, ok, understood.

            Why did the past 4-5 projects not sell, or sell well?

            Are they the ones on your website?

            If so, what was the situation with Mudoneer, real estate BI is an interesting area.

            As for what you can do next, there is the typical customer problem discovery, however before that you need to take stock of yourself, and then after that find an area of interest, otherwise you could be jumping from project to project.