November 8, 2018

What's the best CSS framework?

Been a Bootstrap user for long but have always been looking for a framework that looks better and I think Spectre is the one.

Will probably use this for my next project.

What is your favorite framework?

Other frameworks:

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    I‘m playing around with TailwindCSS and i love it 👍

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      I've built a lot around Tailwind. Great framework.

      Disclosure: my repo.

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        Great repo 👍

        I‘ll built an MVP of my idea ( and use TailwindCSS for it. We‘ll see how it turns out.

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      I have also ended up with TailwindCSS as my primary framework. It's quite easy to create totally unique styling for your project, instead of the more widely spread bootstrap components used.

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    I always end up regretting using something other than bootstrap. The ecosystem is just so huge compared to everything else.

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      Same. Tried bulma for a site which looked great but it just wasn’t as easy.

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    I find Tailwind CSS to suit me the best. The utility approach just makes sense to me and makes returning to old code way easier. I always recommend it.

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    The best general answer would be bootstrap, but for you it doesn't have to be. I would use whatever you like most and are most comfortable with for your project.

    Personally, I have really enjoyed using Bulma CSS ( for my saas project (note that the landing page here is not using bulma but I will be once I move it to jekyll from Landen).

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    It's all about VuetifyJS:

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    I use Tachyons. It works the same like Tailwind but has been around longer. It works super well!

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    I always endup with Bootstrap, which with it's new version is even more flexible.

    I really like Materialize -, but never used in a real project though.

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    I used Bootstrap many years but started using TailWind with a Statamic theme and love it.

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    +1 for Bootstrap - works out of the box

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    Did a landing page with spectre.css but then eventually rewritten with bootstrap 4. Just didn't look right for landing page.

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    I use Tailwind CSS and Emotion Styled Components.

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    +1 for Bootstrap as well. Rich ecosystem of themes available to differentiate yourself from all the other Bootstrap-based sites.

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    +1 for tailwind. Although its more useful if you have a style guide.

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    There is no "best". It really just depends on you, who you're working with, and requirements of your app or your clients.

    But in terms of favorite, recently Tailwind or Bulma for me.

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    Spectre looks super nice.

    I default to Bootstrap but have been using Element UI for my Vue.js work. I end up bringing over quite a few utility classes for margin, padding, flex, and etc. from Bootstrap because they are so useful.

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    I would have to say Bootstrap, but it really depends on the project you have in hand. Sometimes a lighter framework will be enough for what you want to achieve.