July 11, 2018

What's the best way to find a part-time remote job?

I'm trying to work on my side projects and work enough to sustain rent + food until I earn enough from other sources. How should I go about looking for a job like this? Is it significantly harder to find a part-time remote job as opposed to a full-time one?

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    In my experience, yes, it was hard. When I started freelancing in 2011 it was my goal to find a client (or combination of clients) for whom I could work a total of 20 hours a week. It took me until 2016 to find such a client. (In this case it was more like 25 hours a week instead of 20.)

    The reason it's so hard makes sense: it's cheaper and easier (or at least it's perceived to be) to use one employee for 40 hours a week than two employees at 20 hours a week for supposedly the same total value. If an employer finds a good employee, they're going to want all that employee's time. They want the employee to be "dedicated".

    My current situation is that I work for a client 20-30 hours a week, with occasional (very occasional) spikes of 40+ hours. It's a pretty decent deal.

    If I were to start over with freelancing with the goal of getting back to exactly where I am now, here's what I'd do.

    I'd go on job boards like weworkremotely.com and craigslist and apply to a whole bunch of jobs. During the interview process, I'd ask how much importance they place on a 40-hour week. My perception is that many companies these days are coming around to the idea that 30 hours a week can be just as productive as 40, and they're willing to pay a full salary for it.

    On the side, I'd do things to boost my reputation. I'd speak at local meetups as well as regional and national tech conferences. I'd write blog posts on my area of technical expertise, both on my own blog and for others. I'd guest on podcasts. I'd start my own podcast. I'd put out courses. In fact, I'm doing all these things now. I just wish I would have started earlier.

    I've found that becoming known as someone who speaks and writes on my expertise has helped grease the wheels when I've been in conversations with prospects. In some cases it has attracted work opportunities as well.

    Hope that helps.

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      Out of curiosity how many hours per week in total do you spend on producing content?

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        I try to spend about an hour each workday on things that will move my career forward, so about 5 hours a week. Much of the time this means producing content but not always.

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          An hour. Damn. I'm also trying to focus on this daily too. What other activities outside of producing content do you do that are in the 'move career forward' bucket? For me, I'm trying to meet a new engineer every week and have lunch/coffee with them to build out my network and get data on various companies/industries.

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            My ultimate career goal is to support myself fully from product income. At the same time, a lot of the same stuff that helps market my product work also helps market me as a consultant. These things include speaking at conferences, speaking at local meetups, writing blog posts, writing ebooks, putting together courses, putting out screencasts, and other stuff like that. I used to do lunch/coffee meetings but don't anymore.

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    Sunwoo, are you interested in working for a start-up?

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      Hey! What's your startup?

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      Yeah, I'm open to any part-time work.

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    I've done this before and really all I did was apply for a full-time position and then made it clear from the start that I was only interested in part-time.

    Just remember that what you see advertised on the job boards is only part of the story. When you start talking to people you find out what their actual needs are and can then offer them a solution that suits them and you.

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      This is interesting! Tbh I kinda assumed most companies would get angry if someone who didn't exactly fit the 'requirements' applied.

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        The "requirements" are a wish list. There's a potentially big difference between what they ideally want and what they'd actually take.

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      I agree with this. I made it clear in the interview I was only interested in part-time work. The company eventually relocated and I was left with a sweet part-time remote job.

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    Dynamitejobs.co has some part-time remote jobs listed on their site

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    Try https://remoteok.io/. I'm not sure if they have part-time jobs as well, but there's a lot of remote jobs on that site :)