January 9, 2019

What's your favorite way to set up email on your own domain

Hey Indies.

Can you share how you set up email addresses on your newly acquired domain ?

  • do you just forward them to your usual email address

  • do you run an mail server

  • is there a service you're using for this purpose and are you happy with it.


For anyone finding this topic and wondering what I went with.

I went with yandex.connect as it's totally free up to 1000 users and well documented.

Thanks everyone for sharing. It definitely helped.

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    I run ImprovMX, a simple and free forwarding email service.

    All you have to do is connect your domain's MX DNS entries to ImprovMX server's along with your personnal email. Then, all emails sent to your domain will be redirected to your personnal email.

    You can also (now) add aliases to redirect specific emails (contact@, me@, etc) to different emails.

    (We acquired ImprovMX last year and are working hard to improve the quality of the service, the efficiency and all the security related things to it.)

    Hope that helps!

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      thanks @cnicodeme! going to try this out tonight - does this mean that I can reply from the aliased email within gmail, or will my personal email be the email address shown when i reply?

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        Thanks @zeuscoder! You can create an alias in GMail that will look like you are sending from your "professional" email. We have a guide for that :)

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          AWESOME thanks :)

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      Outstanding service! Perfectly solves an issue of too many accounts support.

      Q, is it going to evolve as an email alias tool or would it be possible to send an email with an alias once in a while? It might be smth like mailchimp but for domain aliases without a need to support one more email box?

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        Thank you !! :)

        Right now, we have a guide to setup email sending from GMail, but we are working on implementing our own email sending service. It will take a few months before all is ready though :)

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          Oh, I did not get to it, I was so excited that did not scroll the page down :D

          Anyway, this is awesome, definitely going to give a try with my next side project. Also will recommend to my friends instead of G-Suite as 5$ per user sounds too expensive for side projects. If it was 5$/per domain I would use it, otherwise, your service fixes it all. I do not know your strategy but if it is cheaper my guess it will be popular, I know people who would pay for it (including myself)

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            Thank you! We may release the Premium feature today! We are having issues finding the perfect amount to ask ;)

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              Just do it! Experiment and it will work out. I might be under greedy bias :D

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      Is it ImprovMX or Improv.MX as styled in the logo? The site says it will always be free, was just wondering how the service is sustainable?

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        You are right about your confusion; We own https://improvmx.com and https://improv.mx, that's why.

        Currently, the service is not sustainable but we are working on releasing a Premium service that would - hopefully - make up for the sustainability. This Premium service should be live before the end of next week :)

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          Let us know!

          Thank you very much for the generous free service that you already provide

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            Thanks :)

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      This seems like a really good service. Does this mean i could have multiple domain email address pointing to one Gsuite address, for example?

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        Gsuite allows domain aliases. What would be the point?

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        Yes, absolutely :)

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    Fastmail, one account for all my domains/aliases.

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      My setup too. Have additional rules to move emails into separate folders.

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    Depends on the domain. If its something I dont need storage I am using mailgun for forwarding for another account. If its something I need storage Im using gsuite

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      I'm happily using Mailgun's free plan to forward email to a Gmail account. You can also fairly easily send email from your custom domain through Mailgun with a bit of configuration in Gmail.

      If you're not confident with things like DNS and SMTP settings then a paid Gsuite account might be a better option though.

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      I'm doing the exact same thing -- domains that I rarely need to use , I have Mailgun forward to my personal email. If it's a project where I expect frequent email, I spend the $5/mo for a G-Suite account. The main perk of using G-Suite is having the environment that goes with it -- docs, storage, and easily having a chrome browser with its own bookmarks, etc.

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      +1 for the Mailgun, unless you have to reply from you official e-mail, it works wonders: and you cannot beat its price of $0 ;) — especially if you are a serial hacker of 100 projects and domains :)

      When the project matures and you need your own domain to reply, you can always transfer to a gsuite.

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    I just forward to gmail and reply back with the same (non-gmail) address. Didn’t see much need in separate services like GSuite so far. This way it’s

    • Free

    • People write to and get replies from paul@threedo.app

    • I get all my mail in one place (I like Inbox)

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      hi @PaulD -does your gmail give you the option to reply from the email address that the forwarded email was originally addressed to? didn't know that was possible !!!

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        Yep — just add an alias as described here

        When asked for SMTP host, use smtp.gmail.com and your gmail address/password as credentials. Voila.

        The only downside is that some apps (like Outlook) may display sender like "Sent by xxx@gmail.com on behalf of yyy@yourdomain.io" (that’s what the aforementioned link says)

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          hey @PaulD - quick question - i've got a godaddy domain, and want to setup email @ that domain which can be received and sent from my gmail. Any idea how I can configure the domain name side of things to forward to gmail? so far articles I'm reading suggest I need to first set up email with an email provider before redirecting to gmail? Thanks!

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            I don’t know about GoDaddy specifically, maybe it’s a paid feature there (well it’s GoDaddy, the Ryanair of web). But here’s what I found: https://ph.godaddy.com/help/set-up-my-forwarding-email-address-7598

            Looks like you do have to set up something there. In namecheap it is as simple as setting a checkbox.

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              oh thanks a lot for that - not sure why i didnt get that link in my searches...lemme dig deeper...thanks a ton!

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          thanks very much! great start to 2019 for me ;-P

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    Used to use G-Suite. It's pretty neat. Also worth mentioning https://www.zoho.com/mail/ It works great for some of my projects and it has a free plan.

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    I am using google mail service, https://gsuite.google.com/

    cost $5 per user per month, pretty easy to set up (requires domain verification).

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      One of the things I like is that you can host multiple domains under the same GSuite account. Add to that the fact that you can set up multiple aliases per user, it means that you can have many different email addresses but only pay for one user mailbox.

      This is useful when you start out and want different email addresses (e.g hello@, contact@, support@, etc) but don't want to pay for a mailbox for each of those.

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        Yes, you can use up to 30 aliases and pretend to be a mid sized startup. 🤠

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      I also use Google Suite and lately started adding domains for free to my main account. The trick is to add them as aliases.

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    I always use Yandex.Mail. It's pretty good and free.

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      Went straight to this after my NameCheap Private Email trial expired, (Zoho doesn't allow IMAP/POP3 for free)

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    G Suite, hands down.

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    If you don't want to pay per user, but want separate mailboxes, check out Mail In A Box https://mailinabox.email/

    You can run it on a low cost Digital Ocean server.

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    I use Google GSuite. 5/mo/user.

    But check out their startup program, which I stumbled across yesterday -- you may be able to apply directly and get 5 free users for a year. https://cloud.google.com/developers/startups/

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    I've just been using https://forwardmx.io/ to set up email aliases for various different domains. Currently on the $9 a year plan.

    Been perfectly happy with it!

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      I use that too. Happy customer.

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    G Suite. I've been using it since it was free, so I still get it for free.

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      Most people using G Suite seem to say it isn't free (some say 2$/user/month, some $5/user/month).

      What's the plan you're using?

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        It's exactly what I said. I've been using it since it was free, so I get it for free.

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    Have been using zoho, was familiar with the process of setting it up, and didn't want the process to consume any of my time, had set it up just this month itself

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    My preference is Fastmail. It's very easy to set up and use, they have a good focus on privacy too. GSuite is a great option if you're not concerned with Google lock-in.

    Don't bother with setting it up on your own server, it's more hassle than it's worth—unless you enjoy SysOps 😀

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    I have tried running my own email server but the effort is not worth it in my opinion.

    I'm on Namecheap private mail service for about 2-3 years and super happy with it.

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    Used to be Zoho but I now use Yandex. I create a simple hello@ email and add it to my Gmail so I can get the emails in Gmail and reply from Gmail.

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    I will roll my own for https://careerin.tech There are plenty of resources that guide you through the process of setting things up in the right way.

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      Nice job board! it looks great!

      I noticed the 0.00 euros price for posting a job.

      Is it sustainable or do you have any plans on making it sustainable?

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    I used Zoho originally but I felt the UI was weak and the email service slow and not dependable.

    I decided to pay for G Suite. I think it's been a good decision as I've utilised their services for than I thought I would. Gmail is also a lot nicer to use than Zoho Mail.

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    I usually just set up an alias in Gmail for my one to one emails until I need to spend money on an actual email address then I use Gsuite. Then if it's coming from my app, I use Sendgrid.

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    Always Gsuite

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    If you wish to use a SMTP server to send mails through a cloud application consider cloud solutions like AWS SES, SENDGRID.

    If you want to setup a mail server for the organization and all its people consider using https://www.yandex.com. Its a complete alternate and free version(lifetime; they do have a paid package) of gSuit with a little lesser functionality and is also credible (i have been using it inside my company for more than 10 months and so far no problems, Only improvment.)

    To set this up go to connect.yandex.com and link your domain to get started with the service quickly

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    https://www.migadu.com/ did it for me. Cheap for multiple domains, simple and efficient.

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    Using G-Suite. Very easy to setup and costs $2/user/month

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    I'm also using gsuite

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    I have a small vps on digitalocean and I use that as a mail server. I just forward the emails to my primary email inbox. For side projects mostly.

    For full email solution, I use Zoho Mail.

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      zoho too

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      +1 for Zoho