November 7, 2018

When to charge and when not to?

I'm trying to monetize some portions of our website, but not sure if this is too simple to charge for. Are there any best practices you use to know when to charge and when not to?

What do you think?

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    I just went to have a look.

    The most annoying part about it is that you immediately want me to sign up / sign in without really having a chance to evaluate what it is you are selling (or intending to sell) to me.

    Don't hassle the punter! He or she will just go somewhere else!

    Okay: based on what I was able to see in between the pop-ups, your service is very simple.

    However, its simplicity bears no relationship to its value. I am assuming that you have a data bank behind the front-end which is what you are using to make the comparison. If you are able to make that data a little more sophisitcated, then you have a very simple but worthwhile service.

    If I were going to use this, I would want:

    A. Country data (or for you to state where the data comes from)

    B. To input my stage start date so I can compare against others at the same point in their development cycle

    C. To filter by sector at least to some extent

    D. To be able to input my currency and have you report back to me in that currency; it doesn't have to be deadly accurate - a monthly spot rate will do

    E. To pay a one-off fee rather than have to create an account and subscribe. By all means offer that option but this is an occasional "reality-check" or "how I'm doing" exercise rather than something I would use all the time. Generate the report, ask me to pay a couple of dollars and give me a PDF I can take home with me that contains the report date, my parameters and your conclusions. All beautifully presented, of course.

    Also, attribute the source and timeliness of the data.

    But, yes: I could see this being a useful little sideline offering.

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      Also, sorry about the popups - not sure why you got them so I'll look into that... you should have been able to look at everything without so that would be frustrating

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        The pop-ups appeared as soon as I tried to enter a dummy revenue figure. It seemed to be linked to the lose focus event.

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          aw yes, okay. sorry for the frustration, but thanks again for checking it out and giving feedback. definitely adding the start date in today, sectors will come soon.

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            No problem - that's what we're here for!

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      Thanks, very helpful feedback! Really appreciate the details.