September 13, 2017

Where to go next?

I recently finished my course (see and am trying to figure out where to go next with it all.

I'm currently bringing in about $1500/mo in course sales, which is enough to allow me to work only 3 days a week (giving me two days to invest in what's next).

Now I need to figure out what to invest time in. Options are:

  • Focus on marketing the course to a broader audience (podcasts, meetups, guest posts, etc)

  • Grow my youtube/blog audience

  • Try and improve conversion rates through improved drip email sequences and a better landing page

  • Add additional modules to sell to existing course users

  • Use content from course to create a book version.

  • Create a free mini-course on a related subject to build a bigger audience/grow my mailing list

  • Start working on a SaaS app (either related or not to the course)

  • Do giveaways to gain attention

  • Whatever suggestions you have :)

This is causing some major analysis paralysis on my end, as I'm really hoping to increase the course revenue to at least 6k a month. This would help me take my next big step, which is leaving the part-time job and supplementing my income with contract work while I build a bigger product.

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    It looks like an interesting idea to me. I popped over to your site and I can see your video modules and how they break down into sections.

    The one thing I can't see, however, is the sales pitch which tells me why I need to do this sort of testing (lots of people honestly don;t know) and how this sort of framework can actually help them to identify and resolve issues.

    What sort of issues can it highlihght? What are the limitations? Are the solutions portable to other projects or can they be written in such a way that they require minimal time to reconfigure?

    What pain does this stuff remove? How much is it worth to me as a developer to invest my time? How many hours can I gain in my projects if I take your course? And so on and so on.

    In other words, I reckon you would attract more conversions if you took your visitor through that process of doubt / cynicism to a successful automated testing suite. Mock it up how you will but take them on that journey so they can visualise the benefit.

    Don't worry about demonstrating the "how to" bit. Just compare and contrast manual trouble-shooting with automated testing on a dummy project so your visitors can see the commerical value of your offering.

    Get that video on YouTube, Facebook etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. (... etc.).

    Possibly change your headline. You're not actually selling a course on Selenium*. You're selling a remedy for a disease. Someone who needs your course may not know they need Selenium but they will know they need to deliver more reliable, robust products. They will know that buggy software hurts their professional reputations so perhaps your headlines, SEO meta-data, advertisements, posts etc. should push that message rather than the specific solution you are offering. Once people find you, then is the time to tell them how you are going to make them better.

    • Selenium actually sounds like a mineral supplement. Oh! It is!

    "Selenium benefits include the ability to fight the aging process and help the immune system by reducing free radical damage. Selenium has a synergistic effect with other antioxidants like Vitamin E, enabling the body to fight oxidative stress and to defend against cancers like prostate and colon cancer"

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      Thanks for the in-depth response and detailed look at my landing page. I've edited that text time and time again to try and get it right.

      I have done some blog posts to sell people on WebdriverIO in general, with a link to my course at the end. For example:

      I go back and forth with who I'm targeting with my landing page. Most of my traffic comes from either the WebdriverIO site, or people who have already watched a youtube video of mine or read a blog post.

      With that in mind, I've learned towards selling why the course is worth paying for, instead of focusing on why WebdriverIO is a good tool (which I hope to have convinced them of before all this).

      Maybe I can add a bit more of the 'WebdriverIO Rules' bit to the site though, just to really convince folks it's worth their time to learn.

      I also wonder if I could convince the WebdriverIO folks to do some improvements to their homepage, to get people more excited about the tool...

      Thanks again!

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    Also answering questions on Quora and Reddit, can be a way to promote your courses

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      I've been told to answer questions on Quora so many times yet I still haven't taken that advice. Guess it's about time to :D

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        Really? That's funny, don't actively promote your product but use it to establish credibility. Such as "I run WebDriverIO and my personal opinion is..."

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          Right, kind of a "here's the answer to your question and if you want to learn more I have a course on it here..."

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    Bring your course to the QA audience: groups, meetups, podcasts. Developers are not much focused on testing. The content you provide is very valuable for e2e testing, which is mostly done by QA.

    When sharing your knowledge, try to focus on why WebdriverIO is easier to use than Protractor and other tools. Built-in Async mode really stands out, no need to use promises. Also it's really easy to start with. Writing tests is simple.

    Hope your audience will continue to grow!

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      That's good advice. I've been focusing on trying to get Front-end folks involved, because that's what I am. But there really is no reason not to help QA folks just as much.

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    If you have a growing list of customers, could you cross promote with other similar courses? I noticed Thinkific have affiliate tools built in - if you can find some other authors, see if someone is willing to promote your course and vice versa.

    How did you grow traffic at the start and get your first customers?

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      That's a good idea, I'd just need to find folks to affiliate with. Going to add this to my list of next steps!

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      In response to the question, most of my traffic came from the WebdriverIO community, either through a link on their site, or them retweeting my tweets. I still get a steady flow of students through the site, I'm just looking to broaden my market to beyond those who are looking specifically at WebdriverIO

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    How exactly are you making money right now? Did you add the course to Udemy and Coursera or is it just on a website?

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      I'm selling it through Thinkific via a landing page. Most sales are coming from the official WebdriverIO website, which links to my landing page in its getting started guide. I also get a little bit of traffic from my youtube videos and blog posts.

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        Okay that's great!! I would look at online education platforms next such as Stack skills. Along with everything you already mentioned!!

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          Never heard of Stackskills but just applied to get my course on there. Seems like a great option to broaden my reach. Thanks!

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            Great!! No problem!! There are more websites with a similar format too!!

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        Yes!!! I wish I could up vote this 1000 times!!