November 8, 2018

Which Infographic is best - your opinion needed

So I'm on a bit a of a content creation tear and I'm creating an infographic. I have 2 and wanted to get the views of the folks here at IH.

So, please take a quick look and tell me which one makes the best initial impression...

Version 1:

Version 2:

If you're interested this is the post it goes with:

Thanks in advance


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    Version 2. Second the advice on reducing the word count if you can.

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  2. 3

    I prefer the color scheme of the 2nd one. But overall, I find them a bit too wordy for an infographic. Too much text. I would edit it down to the essential of the message.

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      Appreciate the feedback - thanks

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    I found the color scheme of the first one a bit too much.

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      Thanks Leon

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    I like the first one better.

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    Thanks all - appreciate the feedback - very helpful

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    Version 2 looks better. feel better.

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    The first one is a little easier to read, despite the loud colours (red background is a bit bold). This might be what you are after it is a marketing infographic though.

    I prefer the 2nd one in terms of colour pallet, but it is a little hard to read.

    Nice work though.

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      Thanks Duncan

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      I second this.

      I like the second one's colours but actually reading it is difficult.