December 6, 2017

Who should we interview (or chat with on the podcast) next?

A little while ago I asked who you all wanted to hear from on Indie Hackers and got some great suggestions. (Vincent Woo has already done a CoderPad interview with a podcast episode coming out shortly, and over half of the other founders also signed up for interviews.)

So who should we reach out to next?

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    Jeff Meyerson, Amy Hoy, AJ of and Quincy Larson!!

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    Allen Wong, who made millions building indie iOS apps: an app that lets you listen to police radios, an unofficial iPhone and Apple Watch app to control your Tesla (they later tried to hire him), etc.

    Has had very bad things happening to him in life, lost a lot of loved ones and had a serious accident, but keeps helping and encouraging other people to follow his steps. Extremely humble.

    But he is also not ashamed of using part of his money to buy "fun" stuff: has a Lamborghini Aventador, a Tesla Model S and just put a $250k deposit for his dream car, the new Tesla Roadster Founder Serie! He does save around 90% of what he earns, so this all comes from the other 10% he allows himself to spend.

    Not sure he does interviews (he does talks and wrote a book), but I really hope so.

    He's also quite clever "strategically": when his Police Scanner app was being heavily copied, he decided to create a copy of the app himself under another name and it worked, his second app killed most other competitors.





    Reddit AMA:

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      Good one!!

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    I'll start: I've been a fan of for the longest time (they make useful, concise coding tutorials), and I've already reached out to Joel Jooks 💪

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      Awesome @channingallen! Is Kevin Hartz of within the IH scope of entrepreneurs? I would love to hear his story.

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        Ha, I'm a fan as well but he's a bit out of our scope.

        Though it is does raise an interesting question: would it be valuable if maybe once a month or once a quarter we interviewed a massive tech company just for the novelty and the insights about the very different kinds of challenges they have to overcome?

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    Someone from Stripe. Stripe imo has the #1 engineering team in the world. In all the years I've been using it I can't think of a single time i've ever been disappointed by them. Even when there have been issues.

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    People who have been interviewed on the site who are making $3-5k per month. Personally, I’m more interested in the people currently seeing smaller success. That might just be me though.

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      I'd love it if this was a monthly occurrence. The six figure/month stuff is inspiring, though that feels, really, really far off. I would love to here more from the community.

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    Definitely Adriano Ferrari(, the founder of

    Gingko is one of the most brilliant and inspiring SaaS projects I have ever seen, and it's author seems incredibly intelligent and creative(you can read his blog to see it). I would really love to hear his interview.

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      Episode 13!!

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        Sorry, my reply was extremely short, I was on mobile.

        Yeah, he's been already on the podcast but I think he would make a great guest nevertheless with a different point of view.

        For example, this twitter thread would make a great foundation for an episode:

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          It might be just a while before we start cycling back through previous podcast guests. In the meantime, if you haven't read it yet you can check out Patrick's text interview for Appointment Reminder. ⚡️

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    Channing, I always find the subject of talking to customers interesting. The author of The Mom Test book Rob Fitzpatrick would be someone I would love to hear about

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      Great — just reached out.

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    Paul Jarvis (

    Alex Tew / Michael Acton Smith - Calm App (just named popular app in itunes for 2017)

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    I don't have a name per say, but if you could find someone who sells mac apps, that would be great.

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    Taylor Otwell - Podcast interview will be amazing

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    Hey, coincidently I sent you a tweet this morning, about that. Have you considered Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs from Freckle? Amy has tons of content as part of 30x500, which matches the indie hacker profile.

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    How about Abhinav Asthana from Postman?

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    I'd love to hear from people from outside the tech space. It seems that the same group of people get interviewed everywhere. Don't get me wrong, what they have to say is valuable and interesting...but when you hear it repeated over and over it gets stale.

    It would be great to hear from top sales people and marketers. Sorry, I don't have anyone specific in mind.

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      Jonathan Mildenhall - Airbnb. Don't know if it would be possible or not though..

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    How about Dave Mcclure from Ycombinator. Remember his legendary AARRR metrics :)

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      Dave is of 500 Startups fame and not affiliated with YC (afaik). Given the year he's had, I doubt he would be invited to do (or accept) an interview soon.

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    I'd love to see a podcast with Chris from