January 16, 2019

Why you should use News Diet

On an average a user reads about three to ten articles per day which amounts to 15 to 50 minutes per day. For a month it’s about 450–1500 minutes.

There is a saying “What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent is seldom important.” by Dwight D. Eisenhower

Social Media and News Applications focus only on the recent articles and not on historic ones. This makes the user spent time on quadrant 1, quadrant 3 and quadrant 4 and not on quadrant 2. But according to time management principles focusing on quadrant 2 is important and less emphasized by many.

By using https://www.condense.press the reader can consider picking about 20 to 50 popular articles per month. This takes around 100–250 minutes per month. With this lesser time spent, most of the important articles have been covered. It takes about 4.5 to 6 times lesser time to read just the popular articles.

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    I think you got something there. I would work on the UI as its very busy and distracting. I would go more minimalist in design. Also, I think some type of email newsletter would be beneficial. I would definitely appreciate something that sends me a condensed version of important news every morning or week. Also, some personalization type features would be great. For example, if the customer can adjust the importance of different platforms, i.e. Twitter vs Pinterest, Instagram vs Facebook in your algorithm. Happy Making!

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      1. I have changed to a minimalist design now but not sure it is good.

      2. Will add newsletter option.

      3. Will add ability to set customizable weight for different platforms. I already planned doing it