November 8, 2018

Would love to hear from Freelancers, and also people hiring Freelancers


Looking at creating something for Freelancers (primary in the Design sector) and companies looking to hire Freelancers to be able to easily communicate and make the hire.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the kinds of things that would be make this initial contact as easy and painless as possible.

I’ve already started building out some elements, but would love to hear any feedback (if you are a Freelancer, or hiring) of what features would be beneficial for both parties?

many thanks

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    Interested in this topic as well! However nothing solid yet, only a vague idea. On freelancer side I want to utilize my contacts and sourcing on FB/LinkedIn from CEE region. Have you already though about client acquisition? I can't think of any affordable solution to this problem..

    Upwork is definitely a market leader so it's a good start to see how they do things, however you can see some comments on reddit that people are missing elance and how it worked before being merged with odesk/upwork

    Waay back in my career I worked as a freelancer and now doing my research I'm also missing simplicity of old-school platforms. I would love to see some platform where you only pay fixed monthly or even yearly fee.

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      Thanks for the detailed reply Krzysztof. Client acquisition, affordable solution? Can you give me some more details exactly?

      I honestly don’t remember Elance a great deal. What features have folks been missing that you mention?

      many thanks

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        My problem is that I don't have any ideas yet, except for spending a lot of money on general keywords in adwords and fb. I can't even create a list of keywords that clients would use looking for services. So far I learnt that ppl looking for job done usually go to their contacts for referrals. I also tried to use social media monitoring tools but without much luck.

        On elance - in short: better deals, better freelancers.

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    I recommend to check out -

    Platform for PRO freelancers