December 6, 2018

Would you please give feedback on our landing page?

Hello all!

Last week, after over a year of work, we finally launched our app for making friends, Thaw, in the app store! We had a few bugs to iron out, but now we're getting ready to start pushing it to a wider audience and I'm hoping to get some feedback on our landing page before we start. I'd like to know if the design & messaging make sense to people, or if there's anything you would improve or change.

Here's the URL:

The idea is that Thaw is a low-barrier way to make friends with people nearby you based on shared mutual interests (think of finding someone to go hiking with, or to watch sports with, or to go to shopping with, or a crew to play board games with, etc..c) and I want to make sure the site does an okay job of communicating that.

Also, if you're in Seattle, feel free to try out the app. (You can download and use it anywhere, but for now you can only see other people if you're in Seattle.) I'm especially interested in feedback around the onboarding process, but any feedback is welcome. And if you see my in the app say hi! 👋

Thank you in advance!


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    Looks great Cooper. Yes, making friends as adults is tough. All my friends are from 15 years ago when I went to grad school.

    All I am missing is a 'back to top' button when I am scrolling. Also the description right below the fold can be tightened maybe? Do you need to say that it is not a dating app? Maybe the emphasis should be on what it is rather than what it is not.

    Other than that, looks great! All the best. Hopefully you'll launch in NYC soon.

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      Thank you for the feedback! We actually do mention in the first paragraph that Thaw is not a dating app, but the fact you didn't spot it probably means it should be more prominent :) I hope we'll be live in NYC soon too!