September 11, 2017

You Don’t Have to Risk Everything to Start Your Business

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    Great article, thanks for sharing, it was a great story and very applicable to many of us.

    I was wondering how do you monetize your new business ( ?


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      Hi maxmo, if I am not wrong Steve mentioned that he earns an affiliate fee. money every time someone read a review from his website and sign up to a site builder (SquareSpace, Weebly, etc...). Read this interview for more

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        Exactly this!

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      would be interested in an answer to that. Particularly, what sales/marketing strategies working for him. Given that its an aggregation site.

      it would also be great if we can have a number of how profitable he is...

      Apart from that looks like a great venture, good luck man...

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    Yes, less risk is good. This post reminds me of a Malcolm Gladwell article that says "The truly successful businessman is anything but a risk-taker". Here:

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      Thanks for sharing. Just sent that to my Kindle. Looks like a great read.

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        Yes, it is a good read... And it's not long. BTW, love your website: it's valuable and simple... Congratulations! 👏

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    Great article!! I totally agree, I'm writing up my own article about how I accidentally started my own side project

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      Submit it to IndieHackers, I'm sure it would be a great addition.

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        I will, I have to recall everything from memory because it goes back to before I took notes on everything I did but I should have it done by the end of the month!!

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    I can't emphasize how less stressful things are if you have both a lower paid easy job with money coming in combined with enough time to work on your project.

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    Great idea for a business and great article. Thanks.

    I'm a bit surprised not to see Joomla, Drupal or even Shopify on your list of builders.

    Any reason you haven't listed such well known builders?

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      Shopify is in the store builders section ( but Joomla and Drupal I would call a CMS!

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    Thank you for sharing

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    Interesting to hear this. Lately I am reading a lot of things about creating 'desire' and how that is fueled by taking risks. (if you quit your job, you will have a desire to build a business to produce income). But at the same time it felt incomplete. Nice to hear this side of the story.

    Btw, I am referring to books like "Think and Grow Rich" or Dan Pena.

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    Great write up. I feel like there is a publication bias that favours the extreme cases. Reading about people that slowly chip away at a business isn't as glamorous as articles where the person drops everything, quits, lives off Mr Noodles for 3 months and hits the jackpot with a startup. I think IndieHackers, with articles like your Steve are helping to fill that gap.

    Also - I think you missed a word here "I realized the market needed another website builder— it needed an air-traffic controller." Did you intend to say " didn't need..."

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      Thanks for pointing that out— just fixed the error.

      I think you put it nicely: there's a bias that favours extreme cases of success but places like IndieHackers can help broaden the definition :)

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