November 7, 2018

Your favorite SaaS and web-based apps for your startup

What are your favorite SaaS and web-based apps that you're using the most for your startup?

Here's my list:

  • Rescuetime

  • Mixpanel

  • Airtable

  • Google Analytics

  • Help Scout

  • Gitprime

  • Nightwatch

  • Hunter

  • Metabase

  • Webflow

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    This is the best list I've seen for startup marketing tools. Organized into 12 categories:

    Me personally, Trello (project management) and Datastudio (reporting).

  2. 3
    • Chartmogul (revenue analytics)

    • Notion (replaced Trello, Airtable and Google drive for us)

    • Intercom (customer support and email campaign)

    • Canny (collect customer feedback, seamless )

    • Webflow (website)

    • (video call)

    • CozyCal (booking demo sessions)

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    BitBoard (Issue Tracking linking to BitBucket - created by @jdj_dk)


    Google Analytics,

    Google Search Console

  4. 2
    • Amplitude (product analytics)

    • (screensharing calls)

    • Metabase (database analytics)

    • Nightwatch (SEO)

    • AppSignal (Ruby/Elixir monitoring)

    • Zapier, Intercom, Slack, Trello etc.

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    OpenPhone - $10/month business phone number with voicemail and hours of operation. Great for sharing with multiple co-founders -

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      Why everyone on Bitbucket not Github?

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        Bitbucket offers free private repos. I used gitlab for the same reason.

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        Why is anyone on Bitbucket or Github? I use GitLab and it has everything I want 👍

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        I much prefer Gitlab to Bitbucket. Free private repos and much better than BB.

      4. 3

        I would guess it has to do with the "unlimited private repositories" that you get with bitbucket.

      5. 1

        Yeah its because of the free private repos. And great intergration with Atlassian project management

  7. 1 (Customer Support ) (Booking for Sales Demo meeting)

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    I crowdsourced a list similar to this no too long ago with an open trello board, hope it helps! :

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    I don't necessarily use them all but I think they are amazing:

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    We use too many tools but these are some of my favorites:






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    I like to use to make quick mockups.

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    I can add Drift, CronHub, CrazyEgg/Google Optimize

    Full list here:

    (Disclaimer: i built for this exact need, keep track of/show your apps).

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    At our favorites are:






    We actually use Discord within the team and Slack for clients.

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      I love Discord, I just wish more tools integrated with it :(

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    How could you not mention following -

    1. Facebook [pages/group]

    2. Twitter

    3. UserCV

    4. Linkedin

    5. Pinterest

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      It's easy to not mention them if they're not his "favorite". They may be useful (or may not be) depending on what your business is.

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      I was hoping for some more handy and inspirational tools