New Milestone
Feb 15th, 2020
  1. Hit 100 paying customers!
    I still clearly remember 2 years ago sitting despondently in my office, seeing that we only had about 6 paying customers to our HR SaaS. I remember th
  2. What I learned from my first newsletter issue
    I sent out the inaugural issue for MakerList yesterday. If you're curious, you can read it [here](
  3. 500%+ MoM growth for last 4 months for Bitcompare
    Very happy to report that has grown more than 500% MoM in the last four months. What's even more interesting is that it see
  4. Hit $200 net rev. in less than 7 days.
    We've launched PurpleAds ( with our current ProveSource customers less than 7 days ago, and we've reached these great results: 1)
  5. Filmed & Published More Video Content
    I now have a basic understanding of Adobe Premiere! Marketing and social media have never been a strong point for me. However, I'm starting to get mor
  6. Reached over $1.7m in Revenue in 16 months.
    It's been extremely hard work in terms of growth and has learned a lot through this process. However, here are some key takeaways: - Building a remote
  7. Revamped the site mechanics
    When Yash first designed the site, he had an idea around paid promotions: "I'm considering a future option for paid promotion offering a website owner
  8. First Private Beta Signup!
    After being someone who builds the entire product to completion before releasing it, I decided to go ahead and make a landing page with a waitlist for
  9. On-boarded 30+ Companies & 5000+ Jobs Worldwide!
    It was a difficult journey since I've launched as I was bad at marketing and couldn't attract much audience. But with some consistent hard work, I was
    I was having a terrible time interviewing. I would cram last minute, and forget everything once the interview was done. It didn't do wonders for my an
  11. Changed Pricing Model
    Decided to create a more B2B pricing strategy that allows for greater flexibility and offers users access to all features and tools to help them conve
  12. Came up with a concept for La Hacker铆a
    Firstly, Arturo and myself came up with some constraints for our idea: 1 - Needs to be short-term profitable / pay the bills 2 - Needs to grow our cod
  13. Released Episode 10!
    Still keeping up +1000 listens per episode :D Super excited to release to you all our interview with Sergio from Elliot, these guys kill it on Twitter
  14. 100 Active Users
    With regular updates and Allison joining the team to help with the Social media manager and community builder. Now we have a presence on pinterest, tw
  15. Submitted for approval of Chrome Store
    After having fixed most of the bugs, the MVP has been submitted to the Chrome store. Prepared all the material needed for submission. Submitted on a w
  16. 馃惁 50,000 flashcards created this month!
    Through the iOs and Android app stores, we've organically found our first users! We've learned from them there is a demand for a modern flashcards sol
  17. Dark Theme (Desktop Only)
    I know I should be working on more important features instead of adding this kind of stuff. As a developer I usually find myself browsing these type o
  18. Second paying customer
    It took some time to get to a first customer but only a couple of weeks later I've reached a second organic paying customer. This is a great sign as I
  19. Came up with idea and working on it
    When I go looking for a new job, I always got too many spams on Linkedin, too many cold emails from recuiters and creepy agencies. For engineers like
  20. Animation Idea Generator
    I'm not that creative when it comes to coming up with ideas for animations and I know others struggle with being creative sometimes too. The only othe
  21. Changed our commercial strategy
    At the beginning we thought that our main customers would be digital agencies, based on this premise: Our software 鈥攁 tool that automates lead generat
  22. Built MVP
    Accomplished building and releasing an MVP. Application has a single user but I would like user base to grow product usage. Currently targeted towards
  23. Quid Sentio is now a shareable personal journal
    I improved a lot the design, look and feel of Quid Sentio. The main thing I added is feature to add friends and share your personal journal entries wi
  24. Added Key People and more events
    Just added more content (events and people) and fixed UX so that when you enter the site there is auto interaction as well as pre prepared filters to
  25. System moved to DigitalOcean and Rails 6
    Abstretta has been upgraded to Rails 6. This opens up a lot of new features and performance enhancements (not the least of which is moving all the Jav