New Milestone
Feb 16th, 2020
  1. Someone created a Wikipedia page for our company
    I discovered that we have a Wikipedia page for our company and it was most definitely not created by us. ![alt text](
  2. 500 monthly new users for the first time!
    Last month has been good! 馃檶 Mainly due to launch on Product Hunt which also led to a few external reviews. I'm very glad this milestone has been reac
  3. Started learning JavaScript
    Started to learn we development at it鈥檚 finest !JS Tutorial Course Certificate This tutorial covers all basic featu
  4. 2 Clients. $277 in Revenue
    I posted a link to the service on one Facebook group to ask for feedback on the website. 2 customer signed up overnight! In total, we worked on five d
  5. FounderPhone v3: Free trial and text campaigns
    We've committed to a major release of every week and are continuing to build rapidly - well as rapidly a couple people can :) This we
  6. PurpleAds just crossed 20K impressions/day
    Thanks to our publishers, we've just crossed 20K daily impressions for our ads, and ~350 clicks. Some great stats for the 1st week of PurpleAds. I thi
  7. Free "Remote-First Checklist" & Large Redesign
    The first version of NoHQ was built really, really quickly. I'm quite happy to unveil the very first visual lift today. (well, it was deployed a few d
  8. Started collecting inspiring founders
    Last night, I entered my first inspiring founder. It didn't take me long since there are so many people building great things. I realized writing a bi
  9. CSS Rewrite
    Rust jobs was originally designed with Bootstrap and JQuery, to keep things simple. Although it helped with layout, it was cumbersome to constantly sw
  10. First purchase from someone not in my network
    I'm pumped about this! It was just yesterday that I was trying to think about what I'm doing wrong with my store setup, SEO, conversions, etc... I hav
  11. Finished MVP
    I finished building the MVP. It's very simple. Founders and investors can go to and sign up. Once this happens, and they verify their
  12. Someone posted ToDoBot on Japanese HN
    We were sitting in my living room, coding as usual when suddenly our notifications channel exploded. People were signing up for ToDoBot every few minu
  13. Live on BetaList
    Excited to be featured on BetaList: I'd prefer to have launched on a weekday, but we'll survive. Pushing close to
  14. Released Beta to 200 people!
    I'm away hustling to get more AW users and a cheeky facebook post went viral. People love what we're doing and I totally love it! Marketing to people
  15. Domain Lookup Added
    The WebSniffer service is expanding with the new feature, which looks up domain name and checks their DNS records. The domain lookup service is curren
  16. See only what you use ~ Industry based feature set
    We have setup industry select, now you only get to see what is important to you, no more feature filled view, we are trying to make it feel feature le
  17. I published the website!
    After days of learning how the hell I work Notepad++ I finally completed the website. I have a newfound respect for tech guys who sit there for hours
  18. 300+ weekly downloads on NPM
    It seems my efforts on spreading the word about Infinite Ajax Scroll are paying off 馃檶. The weekly downloads on NPM shows a clear upward trend and now
  19. Volume 3
    Each week I set aside a little time to take a tech break and jot down what I'm reading and watching. Here's volume 3! What To Read: Dune by Frank Herb
  20. First Creator to complete profile + submit content
    It doesn't sound like a huge milestone, but it is to me. It is a nod that the platform truly is self serve - as it has obviously been designed. You ju
  21. Complete Visual Overhaul
    The growth of MentorCruise has allows me to invest in a designer and completely overhaul the look and feel of some crucial pages. Some of the highligh
  22. Hit $200 net rev. in less than 7 days.
    We've launched PurpleAds ( with our current ProveSource customers less than 7 days ago, and we've reached these great results: 1.
  23. PurpleAds just crossed 20K impressions/day
    Thanks to our publishers, we've just crossed 20K daily impressions for our ads, and ~350 clicks. Some great stats for the 1st week of PurpleAds. I thi
  24. Feedback Survey (200 responses!)
    After deciding to work on a successor to, I wanted to see what people would want from it. I designed a Google Form with questions pick
  25. First 5 paying customers
    Last week I launched my side project for founders and makers to book a 10-minute landing page video roast to improve conversion. This week I had my fi