New Milestone
Feb 17th, 2020
  1. I got my first paying customer!
    Someone subscribed to the Pro plan for Screenshot Creator for $14.99 / month yesterday :) It's not a lot of money by
  2. Update 78: Crossed $1,000 in MRR 💸!
    First significant milestone for Encharge: we crossed $1,000 in MRR last week! Last week we managed to close one new customer, upgraded an old customer
  3. Got Acquired!
    Today we announced the acquisition of Moonlight by PullRequest! We're excited to be combining our developer networks. The goal is to continue to furth
  4. Random Color Generator
    Get a random hex color every time you reload this page. A virtual color wheel to randomly pick a color. Random color generator which outputs hex code,
  5. Cut bounce rate by half (50% to 23%)
    By delaying Login until a later stage, I was able to cut the bounce rate from over 50% to 23%. The **Sign in with Github** button was replaced with **
  6. First 100 users registered!
    It’s been a little under 48hrs now since launch and we’re just over 110 users registered for the free trial! We also received a nice comment on the Pr
  7. Reached 4000 watch time hours - Able to Monetize
    This is a huge accomplishment for my YouTube Channel because it's one of the requirements in order to get monetized. You need: - 1000 subscribers - 40
  8. Facebook group hit 2360 members!
    Two years ago I started a small Facebook group for productized service business owners, with no real objectives in mind: Just sharing insightful conte
  9. 500 registered users
    During the weekend we reached the 500 registered users milestone. It is not something special, as big portion has not yet added a password in their ac
  10. 2,500 Startups Hiring Remotely in 2020
    Every year, we publish a list of Startups Hiring Remotely. * 200 Startups Hiring Remotely in 2016 * 600 Startups Hiring Remotely in 2018 * 900 Startup
  11. Over 10,000 appointments and 4,000 clients!
    Bringing new stylist / barber into our platform has been our main focus this year. Once we bring one stylist, that stylist brings us many clients! We
  12. Time bot 8 paying customers!
    Time bot: in-chat time-tracking and reporting. Keep up with the progress of your projects, get reports and see what everybody is doing in real-time. A
  13. Trending on Designernews since 3 days!
    Flow UI in its coming soon state has been trending for over 3 days on one of the most popular design resource submission websites! The project's goal
  14. Released the product
    I'm the co-founder and CTO of Medical Joyworks. You might be wondering - why is a *medical education* company building an inbox delivery tool? We have
  15. Interview with Stefan Mischook!
    At The Freelance Choice, I want to provide resources to help freelance devs move forward in their careers. The resources include podcast episodes, boo
  16. First founders ready to get hired
    🐸🐶 Little status update from Froggodoggo 🐸🐶 👨‍💻 most founders that we accepted on our platform completed their profile or are working on it (5 c
  17. Great AMA session so far.
    I'm really glad I managed to find the AMA group. It's allowed me to be completely transparent with some of you IH'ers! Feel free to keep asking questi
  18. First Paying Customer! We refunded him...
    That's it! ONE year later, ONE year of work on our platform, and... We got our first website to sell. And we did sell it! Very fast actually! But... w
  19. Deployed the landing page
    Today marks day one of - the landing page is now live, and we're collecting pre-launch signups 🎉 Adsoup is a display advertising platform a
  20. Eat your own dog food: the case study
    TimelinesAI was born to fulfill our own need in a tool that would help our managers to collaborate on Whatsapp chats. We have clients that prefer to c
  21. Launched On ProductHunt 6 Years After Starting
    I started working on PlanMoreTrips in 2014 and it got off the ground but we ran out of money. We shut it down and I worked on other projects thinking
  22. Continuous engagement with the community
    As I continue to build my brand within the indie hackers community, I find myself commenting and assisting founders in ways I would have normally mone
  23. First Indiehacker call booked!
    After posting the concept onto the ides+validation group, the first Indiehacker was intrigued to learn more. I know there is still skepticism around w
  24. Finished MVP
    It took forever, but the web version is out! My partner and I think it's really cool and use it internally, but it still needs a lot of feedback to ma
  25. Gained the first paying subscriber!
    After being repeatedly asked to add a means of paying for the service, I finally added Stripe. Shortly after, Paced Email gained it's first paying cus