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New Milestone
Sep 27th, 2020
  1. Reached 250 paid subscribers!
    My recipe so far: * make the best possible app and try to adopt the latest iOS technologies * have a fair price with regards to what people expect to
  2. A new competitor came to SERP tools
    Screpy SERP. Cheaper, more flexible, more understandable. You can now full access. How can I do with Screpy SERP? - Monitor your keywords free - The m
  3. Minimum Viable Demo is Live
    After several months of very part time work I have the demo live at www.artwerks.io/demo. Artwerks is an AI driven art discovery platform. The demo is
  4. Krakeno openBeta 🚀
    Launching the first youtube playlists downloader that plants 🌲 TL:DR We are launching a Youtube Playlists Downloader that plants 🌲 and respect the
  5. Chapter 0.1.6 released.
    Day 7-ish of launching my open source sci-fi book. I changed the ads to point to the landing page for the book as opposed to the GitHub repo which som
  6. MPV is Ready!
    After 5 months of enormous hard work, ThriveDesk MVP is ready for private beta testing. Actually we haven't built the MVP, we built the whole app and
  7. Better Value Description for NL Cross-Promotion
    After I've launched Pipewing as an MVP, I quickly learned that the landing page - containing mostly features - wouldn't work. After getting a lot of s
  8. Full launch
    IOS is out and we're officially launching the first phase of Sety to the whole. This has the iOS, android platform for users, and an app for responder
  9. Just Launched Kattlog!
    Hey indiehackers! I just launched Kattlog.com a site to make catalogs and stores for shops and small businesses. I used django for the backend and vue
  10. Early Access launch with first paying customers!
    I have a hard time finishing things, but committed publicly to launch it back in "Spring 2020". In June, I changed the launch date to "Summer 2020", a
  11. Posted on this community
    Found the site and is exactly what I need for support to get this side project off the ground. Think that working together remotely across the world w
  12. Almost Ready For Launch
    ReadyLink.me is almost ready for public release! With ReadyLink you will be able to create simple link pages for more than just your social media bio.
  13. MVP is almost ready
    Made substantial progress over the last few weeks. The product, bugbash.io is MVP ready and we are dogfooding it - using it for this very product to l
  14. Setenza + Yenicorn
    Our little mascot, the `Yenicorn`, got a bit of a shoutout! I’ve really appreciated Kiana’s work — she’s got a unique aesthetic which I really apprec
  15. Released the 2nd Plan
    We've launched the 2nd plan available for purchase on the storefront. We also took the step of telling our Facebook connections about Dinner Party Pla
  16. Voice Vizualization Struggles
    This weekend I have been playing with voice vizualization. In particular I have been integrating siriwave.js library but the sound of the recorded was
  17. Finally launched my blog
    I am not a developer by trade but I have been working on my front-end development skills. I am also an avid writer but have NEVER published my work fo
  18. Released the premium features
    Today I released the premium features (Pi Reminder Plus) on which I was working from quite some time. I decided to use stripe as a payment gateway aft
  19. Pivot & 1,300 Users Signed Up
    I recently made the pivot to a remote social quizzing product for K12 learners. Also, I just crossed the 1,300 registered learners mark! If you have a
  20. 2000 users
    No ads just word of mouth and few youtube videos . Need to up the game on customer acquisition . At the moment I see customers creating FAQ's for thei
  21. Telegram bot launched!
    Bot collects requests from user and saves them while we're working on a site crawler. - User starts the bot - User sends link to the web site, that he
  22. Cosmic Deals Open Beta Launch 🚀
    Through a lot of hard work, and some hurdles, the open beta of Cosmic Deals has launched! You can now try out and begin earning rewards over at https: