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New Milestone
Jun 12th, 2021
  1. We have reached $250 MRR 🥳
    Second week out of lifetime deal offer and today we have reached $250 MRR with 10 recurring customers. 6% weekly MRR growth after 3 new customers and
  2. ¡I've sold Nocodehackers!
    At the start of the year, I joined minimum.run as a product maker. Soon we discover that there was a perfect match between the two companies and it wa
  3. Reached 14.000€ in revenue
    I partnered with an online community: SinOficina to make a lifetime deal for their users. The feedback was amazing and we sold over 40 lifetime subscr
  4. Printalytics is Open for Business
    Late Friday night, I pushed a final round of tweaks and bug fixes before unceremoniously opening up new account registration to the public. Printalyti
  5. First Glimpse of NoCodeLetters
    We have started testing NoCodeLetters and were able to recreate some of the most famous newsletters available on the internet. Here are the results of
  6. First 100 users in waiting list
    Today we reach our first goal to get 100 emails from real users 🎉 We was doing a lot of tests to our ads and copywrite on the landing page. And it wa
  7. Karmabot.chat weekly update, week 143
    ARR US$339,336↑8% vs. May 338 paying teams - Got more testimonials - Added the ability to pause feedback and connect - Better Connect/Feedback schedul
  8. Ruby gem v0.2 release
    We just released the 0.2 version of the Ruby gem : https://github.com/BaseSecrete/active_analytics We wrote a post about it: https://www.basesecrete.c
  9. Built MVP
    I built a basic site (https://discovergreat.art/) and got a couple of people to sign up as the first few photographers to be profiled. I launched it o
  10. Reached more than 300 downloads on my Podcast
    Consistent creation of content. The latest interview I had with a professor from the National Taiwan University who talked about why Taiwan would like