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New Milestone
Jun 19th, 2021
  1. Powerful insights by occupancy rate feature!
    A few weeks ago it started very hard for us to see who of our team member was busy, how much work they were doing and if they are available for more w
  2. Released Early Access Page! 馃コ
    We, the makers of PoeticMetric, love potent data. We made this tool to make it easier to unlock the potential of data and make you go forward. We resh
  3. Date of Incorporation
    LIVEUPX PRIVATE LIMITED is a Private incorporated on 19 October 2020. It is classified as a Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Compani
  4. Finalized the landing page
    I finalized the e-book's landing page. In terms of design, I decided to keep it simple. Partly because I'm not a designer so I wouldn't know how to do
  5. Launched Our Website
    Today I finished website of my full-time project and launched it. I'm ready to bring unlimited high level design for startups. BTW built it with lovel
  6. Gather feedback tool launched!
    You want to add new features to your app. You want to make your users happy. But what should you build? What makes your users more engaged? The answer
  7. Launched the project on Indie Hackers
    Before proceeding to our marketing strategy, I decided to launch this project on Indie Hackers. Feedbacks are critical for startups (and not only). Tr
  8. Revised Version
    The project received quite some love. A number of people contributed to the codebase and helped me improve. Unfortunately I did not find the time to e
  9. Sixty5o2 - the idea was born
    After building Ben Eaters 6502 breadboard computer programming it became painful. A few experiments with the Arduino Mega later I realized, that I cou
  10. Launched v2.0
    We were still experiencing a good deal of buggy behavior in the app as well as user experience shortcomings. We relaunched with the following improvem
  11. 150+ SignUps
    Suprisingly we did not see a single unsubscribe. Lesson #1: Start in a niche and the majority of people will like your product if crafted properly. We
  12. Version 1.6 released!
    We released a new version of Pirsch including bug fixes, improvements to the dashboard, and conversion goals! Conversion goals help you to analyze the
  13. Interest from an unexpected direction
    I'd planned this product with small businesses in mind as my customers. It's designed to be simple at a top level, but informative the deeper you delv
  14. Launched on ProductHunt
    https://www.producthunt.com/posts/super-portfolio We are on the ProductHunt! We have launched new features: - Custom social sharing card for everyone
  15. Launched v1.5
    We learned a lot from the initial launch. We were dealing with a good deal of bugs and UX issues. We decided to update the UI and triaged the critical