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New Milestone
Jul 25th, 2021
  1. New feature decreases MRR
    Usually when we release new features for our email marketing tool, the purpose is to provide more value to customers and increase our bottom line. Not
  2. First Payment!
    Birdflow has now gone from concept to payment in 4 weeks, and it's the fastest time from nothing to revenue for any project I have ever built. There a
  3. We have 1363 registered hosts
    As of today, we've 1363 HOSTS registered on our platform in over 100+ countries. That's 1363 places in the world where volunteer helpers can visit and
  4. Besides friends, first time a user engaged
    We have a group for our own community on Gully. https://gully.to/g/gully. Until not, mostly our friends and family were engaging with it. Today, for t
  5. Have two well-qualified leads
    I know it's not a sale just yet, but to get well-qualified leads is a big deal and we've had several conversations with the goal line of signing the d
  6. Seasons Journaling v1.4
    Seasons Journaling v1.4 is now live in the App Store! Journal prompts has been a feature we have talked about for a while, and we could not be happier
  7. Built the first page!
    Designing the site. When it's done, it'll allow you to create a new NFT, and post it on the marketplace. Authors will also be able to add posts and de
  8. v0.1.0 - Beta
    In the last month, I worked on the v0.1.0 Beta of Loopple and added the option to add Multiple Pages. Here are also other features that come with this
  9. Set up a WordPress website.
    I accomplish this with the help of youtube videos and this thought me that you can get anything if you are focused and patient. This success in settin
  10. Shipped second feature - Threads
    This feature involved a lot of frontend work. Nothing out of the box just getting it on par with existing offerings on the market. Switched to a more
  11. Released v1.0 with a lot of improvements
    After our launch, users wanted advanced screen-share control, more resilient voice chat and more. We shipped all of those! Here's what we're shipping:
  12. Launching the first tool for Youtuberhacks.com 🛠
    What? We're launching the first Acquisition Stage product for our latest project and its purpose is to identify niches that are blowing up on YouTube
  13. Ideapeach V1 Released
    Talked to SEO professionals and Digital Marketers to understand their workflow and have built simple tools to improve their productivity. IdeaPeach wi
  14. Dev Concepts Week 36 Update
    Hello there! "Chaos" continues here in Belgium. My weekly status updates continue to turn into weather reports, this is getting worrisome :p. Floods o
  15. Launched on indiehackers
    Several weeks after we thought of the idea, we have an almost finished MVP and we are already launching here on indiehackers.com. This is a great comm
  16. Published Focused Browsing on Firefox
    We published Focused Browsing on the Chrome Webstore first because there were certain issues keeping us from being compatible with Firefox. What we fo
  17. Launched New Website
    Since launching, I've had a lot of feedback about the old site design. While I thought it looked nice, it didn't convey much about the product and rea
  18. Finished Landing Page
    I created a little Landing Page and published it as a plain and simple HTML File which i uploaded manually via FTP The Landing Page is pretty basic, b
  19. MVP complete!
    MVP of our Notion dashboard is done and dusted! We are looking for a handful of users who are keen to jump into the dashboard and start testing it. An