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New Milestone
Jul 26th, 2021
  1. $1k MRR
    Morflax things have reached 1k MRR and I am very happy about that 🥳 It took me about 5 months to get here and it's just the beginning 🚀 https://twit
  2. $ 2,000 coupon giveaway
    Hey Indiehackers, we just started with our Twitter account & to celebrate that we're giving away $2,000 in coupons! You can win the following coupons!
  3. $1k revenue in just over a month 🔥
    The launch of WeeklyDeals.dev brought in the necessary amount to hit the $1k milestone! Sold 9 featured slots for a total of $800 and with the income
  4. Monetisation: Enabled Pricing Plans
    KillSpam is now used by 10 pretty big YouTube Channels and is a paid product. Launching with $39.99/mo and $69.420 for the bigger channels. Let's see
  5. Checking demand for project
    With 0 knowledge about movie editing and how youtube works I started a channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzPcOf9lGykX0KHoVZ4MjDw Making games
  6. Forged Powerful 15+ Partnerships - Perks Program
    We were already looking for a way to treat our customer in a better way and at the same time growing our business. We were brainstorming and came up w
  7. 17 Paid Customers
    No promotion. Just one organic post on social media. Built up my own CRM on Notion and talk with 13 paid customers. Aim to get my first 100 true fans
  8. Tomorrow we complete our 1st major project
    We are 95% of the way through completing our 4th biggest project to date! We connected an artist from Austin, Texas and he painted a 65 x 35 foot mura
  9. First 100 Users!
    This happened faster than I thought. I've launched many things that have struggled to get traction. This feels much easier. Like I have a tailwind. So
  10. An active marketplace!
    We have 7 total projects submitted. 3 listed currently. 2 buyer inquiries so far. I will be debuting the other 4 this week and next week. Starting a m
  11. Got our first 1,000 Subscribers
    After a push to sign-up friends and family, we started putting a small paid budget behind promoting a free Airpods giveaway and were able to acquire o
  12. MVP is created!
    We discovered that on the internet there are dozens of free learning resources and even complete degrees! Here is a list of 30 sites with free educati
  13. Created my first trouble ticket
    Well, one lesson I learned in the past 24 hours: never send out beta invites on a Sunday evening. People read their email. So, I was unprepared last n
  14. Started building community of contributors.
    I started to build community of python developers who would like to contribute to Tracardi. I have got 150 people signed up as potential contributors
  15. Improving UI based on user feedback
    I kept getting questions on whether or not RecordJoy can record microphone audio. I was wondering why these questions were so frequent when there was
  16. Redesigned the landing page
    I removed the superfluous stuff and simplified the copy so it speaks more about the "Why" instead of "What". Design is not my strong suit so I've used
  17. New PCB boards arrived
    After two weeks of waiting, the PCBs for the new version of the Bike Pixels Rear prototype have finally arrived. To select the manufacturer I sent the
  18. Alpha release!
    Long time without an update here! It is caused by the #buildInPublic hashtag on Twitter that I started to use often inside the Twitter thread. Lots of
  19. Version 1.19 released
    Another version just hit the store! Version 1.19 includes the ability to temporarily disable time tracking for a certain period. This further extends
  20. Tomorrow we'll send our 250th newsletter edition
    Tomorrow, we'll send our 250th newsletter edition. We sent our first newsletter edition in July 2016 and have continued to send out an edition every w
  21. Windy 0.9.0 is out!
    Hi there! New components for windy! New in this release - Accordion component (https://windy-docs.vercel.app/docs/components/accordion) - Tabs compone
  22. Came up with my idea
    Often we encounter things in our daily lives that we feel we just have to share with our friends, and often we could really use a friend’s knowledge o
  23. Investigating feedbacks
    I recently added some paying plans on Beanvest and I am trying to get feedback to understand better my users needs. For the moment the few users I hav
  24. ScrapingMonkey v2
    After one year I've finally found some time to publish a new, more powerful version of my own web automation API. V1 couldn't manage dynamically gener
  25. New design for SupaNexTail
    Still polishing the release for SupaNexTail. The beta brought several good ideas and I want to incorporate them before the launch! Among these improve