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New Milestone
Sep 23rd, 2021
  1. Added an About page
    I wanted to write more long form content to help explain the problem Criteria solves and how it is differentiated from existing solutions like Postman
  2. Updated Our Templating System
    When we originally built the TogetherLetters app, we just hacked together an email templating solution. That was a huge mistake. We have now transitio
  3. First Annual Subscriber
    I launched this newsletter as a fun experiment and wasn't sure how long am I going to run it for. But looks like now I need to run it at least for a y
  4. Getting back to work
    I'm getting back to work on this project after one year. Due to several reasons, I had to pause my work on this project a few weeks after I started. W
  5. Bonus: Adam Robinson, GetEmails
    Adam and his brother were eyeing an email marketing and customer review management tool. After it shutdown, they met witht the founder, who shared his
  6. App is live
    App.reyugma.com is now hosting months of blood, sweat & tears :D. Onboarding workflow is deployed, early user signup accounts are created and invite e
  7. Release
    WhatsappGroupList.com is now live! Features: - Search group - Join group - Create group - Report expired link - View group details - Sign up to the ne
  8. Podcast-to-podcast sponsoring — To grow audience
    I set up a poll on the r/podcasting community on Reddit to try and find out how many podcasters have, or are considering, sponsoring another podcast (
  9. 19 Signups for the free plan
    We have now 19 Registered Member (Free Plan) Before the Launch. Thanks to all supporting us even in this early stage. Signup for https://visioun.com/p
  10. First referral share
    After the outreach began two nights back, we have got our first organic traffic showing up and spending more time on the landing page. I believe refer
    Worked another unique Lifetime Deal with the platform DealMirror. The guys over at DealMirror are doing an amazing job at promoting SwifLink and this
  12. Opened up next batch of Early Access users
    We just opened up early access for the next batch of 50 users. If anyone is interested in testing out the platform with all the current features avail
  13. Pivot
    A reflection on the https://softwareengineeringboss.com/ platform. TL;DR The frontend was super easy. The backend was super hard. Tech isn't ready. Th
  14. Episode 4 -Fly Solo or Find a Co-Founder?
    In this episode, Bryan and Malcolm talk about the risks and benefits of finding a co-founder. Bryan talks about launching https://www.bluebird.social/
  15. Launched!
    It is just a mailing list, but it is a big step for me. Glad to have made it. The idea is to provide a place for tax technologists to keep up with eve
  16. Chirp launch 🚀
    We've officially launched getchirp.co and have had a great response so far. A few thousand surveys are scheduled to launch next week for some leading
  17. Solopreneur Product Hunt Launch: 9 months of dev
    It's been a long 9 months of dev, testing, pivoting and repeating, but I've finally reached my first major milestone. I've launched my beta on Product
  18. Learnings: Hacker News Launch
    I launched my Beta on Hacker News this morning and while I got quite a few more clicks than expected, I also didn't get the results I expected. Howeve
  19. Launching second cohort
    The first worked so well that we’re starting another cohort October 17th, this time it will be 16 weeks and paid. It’s still early days for us, so all
  20. ProductHunt launch of MeetingNPS - spinoff idea
    We came up with side idea to our core Polka product -> MeetingNPS. Our app tracks the leading indicator of all team success derived from the proven NP
  21. Launched on Emoji Launch
    A few days ago, Moodistory was approved to be launched on Emoji Launch. Today is the day - Moodistory went live with a big beautiful blue heart. Our g
  22. Soft launch
    After slowly making it available to a few select people and working through their feedback, fixing bugs and iterating I finally did a "soft launch". i