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New Milestone
Sep 28th, 2021
  1. Authress is now AWS EventBridge Partner
    Now you can consume authentication and authorization events emitted by Authress to trigger custom actions or integrate with your existing SIEM (Securi
  2. My daughter was annoying me, so...
    My daughter was 7yo and wanted to buy video games. Since I don't approve many spendings, I thought I could teach her the value of money with a small w
  3. Incremental Product Updates
    Hello Producters, Hope you are all having a great week! Last couple of months we have been focusing on implementing the features that are requested by
  4. React Chat App: How to Make a Chat Using Socket.io
    How to Create Your Own React Chat App step by step? This guide will show examples of well-made React applications and what you need to know about Reac
  5. Launched The Prayer Co.
    I launched The Prayer Co. due to growing tension and division in America. It's clear we cannot save, revive, or bring unity to ourselves. Our only (an
  6. 1000+ site views, 140+ members including paid subs
    One month after our launch we hit our milestone of 1,000 new viewers on our website www.StartupInTaiwan.com . We hit this as we continuously tweaked t
  7. E16: Veena Somareddy, Neuro Rehab VR
    While she was working on her PhD for medical simulation and training, Veena was contacted by her now co-founder. He let her know that he wanted to add
  8. Product Update #5
    Hello, Producters 馃憢 Hope you are all having a great start to your week! We're back with new features built for you. With this product update, you'll
  9. Launched Product!
    First, free and public version of FlutterHost. We got some initial user base (around 10-20 users) and a few projects launched through our site! It is
  10. Got our first paying subscriber
    Getting focused assistance and a structured game plan changes things While I focused on product development, the intern focused on sales and customer
  11. Launched the website
    So I just registered and launched https://highonlow.org. A website and newsletter where low-code and no-code enthusiasts can get the latest news on th