Building an Open-Source Publishing Platform That Makes $63,000/mo with John O'Nolan of Ghost

Episode #007

John O'Nolan explains how he used his industry experience to come up with a simple idea, built a landing page that converted 30,000 email subscribers, and raised $300,000 on Kickstarter. Brought to you by SparkPost.

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    I think this was the best podcast yet. It was the only one that I listened to in it's entirety and felt like I actually got something really valuable from it. Other episodes have been good, but this one was great - I would listen to a weekly podcast that was just John. Please get him back on the podcast soon!

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    My main takeways:

    • Having domain expertise is a big advantage

    • He moved away from trying to find a "good idea", and decided that he'd be happy to work on something that he really enjoyed and would simply pay him a full time salary

    • He thought of Ghost 2 years before starting to work on it because he rejected it because he thought it was too simple and obvious

    • He was a freelance WordPress Developer, then joined the WordPress Core development team, and had years of experience in WordPress

    • Don't just try and find a gap in a market and try to fill it with a product without TRUELY understanding that market yourself

    • It's far easier to spot a gap in a market you're NOt part of because you don't understand the nuances of why it is unfilled, and often there are reasons why it is unfilled

    • Philosophy: You always get more of what you have

    • "You either choose something, or it will be chosen for you"

    • When he got the feeling that he was REALLY onto something, he decided to put the client work off to the side, live off his savings, and focus entirely on this idea

    • It took him 1 year from the initial idea to the platform of a service

    • Courtland did a lot of contract work

    • How do you want to spend your time?

    • Don't feel like you need to read every single thing before you can build something. Just start.

    • None of us know what we're doing - big and small - you don't have to have it all figured out

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    0h 54m 18s -> Nail on head