The Indie Hackers Podcast June 8, 2018

Blazing New Trails with a Small Team with Claire Lew of Know Your Company

Episode #055

From the very beginning, nothing has been ordinary about Claire Lew's (@cjlew23) company, its business model, or the way she came to lead it. Learn how Know Your Company has generated millions in revenue with a tiny team, how Claire has met with over 500 CEOs and business leaders, and what she's learned about creating a successful company.

Show Notes

  • Know Your Company — software tool that helps business owners get to know their employees better and overcome company growing pains

  • The Watercooler — online community for leaders looking to become better

  • The Heartbeat — bi-weekly newsletter on leadership, company culture, employee engagement and employee feedback by Claire Lew.

  • Knowledge Center — guides and resources for leaders looking to create a positive culture of openness and honesty within their companies.

  • Know Your Company Blog — thoughts on leadership, company culture, employee engagement, and employee feedback

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