Quitting It All to Follow Your Passion with Dave Geddes of Mastery Games

Episode #192

So many kids decide to become software engineers because they were captivated by video games at a young age, and they dreamed of crafting that magic themselves someday. More often than not, they end up working at Facebook or Google building web apps and selling ads. But not Dave Geddes. Dave (@geddski) followed his passion, quit his lucrative job, and is making a living creating games that teach people to code. In this episode, Dave and I talk about the moment that led to him leaving his high-paying job, the launch of his first game, and how he's reaching tens of thousands of people.

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    Thank you for the new podcast. I look forward to this every week.

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    Thanks for sharing this podcast guys!

    @geddski I loved your idea and the whole vision of your life! So happy to see that you are following your childhood spark, in spite of having a high-paying job at one point.

    hat's the price people need to pay to do something they love. It's like a devil hidden in disguise, trying to lure you into more money.