Making $1M/yr Then Raising Money as a Solo Indie Hacker with AJ from Carrd

Episode #228

In this episode I'm talking to AJ from Carrd. I want to find how he grew from $30K MRR to over $1M ARR in just two years and what Kim Kardashian had to do with it. I'll also ask him how he thinks about fundraising as an indie hacker.
• Follow AJ on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ajlkn
• Build a simple one-page website with Carrd: https://carrd.co/

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    This is a must-listen for all indie hackers 😊 The things I take from this and my own experience are...

    • don't get distracted. stick to your plan and be super focused

    • overnight successes can take 5 years. stick at it and the win will eventually come

    • stay lean, stay fast. listen to 'paying' customers; but don't overly pander to them

    • only take investment if/when you need it. and find an investor who let's you be you

    @ajlkn, I've only been a fan for 6 months but there is simply no other site designer I'd use.

    I had another play with Webflow the other week after using Carrd for a while. I found the entire experience so beyond over-complicated that I was close to chucking my laptop out of the window.

    For indie hackers, we always talk about keeping it simple and getting an MVP out super fast. But we need to live by that rule. If you tell yourself you need features for your new MVP website that Carrd cannot support, then quite frankly, your MVP is too complex.

    @ajlkn my only comment is,... I only accidently found some new features you'd added the other day. Please send regular newsletters with updates - I've not had a newsletter from you in 6 months.

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    I listened to this podcast yesterday. Awesome!