Learning from Conversations with Andrew Warner of Mixergy

Episode #231

In this episode I'm talking with Andrew Warner (@AndrewWarner), the host of the Mixergy where he's interviewed over 2,000 founders in the tech and software space. His new book, Stop Asking Questions, breaks down everything he's learned about having a meaningful conversation and maximizing the value out of one-shot encounters.
• Learn how to have better conversations: https://www.stopaskingquestions.co/
• Follow Andrew on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndrewWarner
• Check out Mixergy: https://mixergy.com/

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    Loved listening to this podcast. Conversations have always been my favorite part of marketing. I love actively listening to people share their stories. In fact, in the past I've had conversations with clients that last throughout the night once even 7+ hours. My biggest challenging is actually trying to keep the conversation short and sweet.

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    Great episode! It's interesting how in some parts, Andrew "took the mic" and asked questions and that went so naturally :) I guess, that's how it goes when you get 2 great podcasters together :D