$0 to $150 MRR in 6 Months for a Landing Page Builder - AMA


Who is behind Lynkfire?

Hi, my name is Jayson and I am the founder of Lynkfire, a creative way of creating your landing/bio page.

To know a bit about my background. I am a software engineer from New Zealand and working (full-time 9-5) work from home while doing my passion on the sideline (Lynkfire).

Everything has a story.

Aside from doing all of the software development stuff I also enjoyed drawing, painting, and digital doodles and sharing them on my Instagram after.

I started to create my streaming page on Facebook, uploading my art process on my youtube channel, and incorporating all of it into my online portfolio.

It was so late that I realize that Instagram only allows one external link in my bio so just as many other creators do, I used an existing link-in-bio application on the web.
The application I'm using is so cool that it helps me quickly build a landing page for all my social medial links and have a working landing page in just minutes and ready to rock and roll.

But I want to be creative and to express myself so ...

Last January I decided to create a simple MVP version of Lynkfire and at that time everything is so static-like, and the grid systems and all are all fully manual but I am enjoying it and was able to express my art and myself share with my audience a clearer context of what kind of art pieces I do and the style I have with it.

It was early February that I started refactoring all the manual parts of the codebase and decided to use Firebase as our database and react/NextJS as our frontend and deploy it on Netlify.
There we have our first-ever publicly accessible tool created for everyone (not everyone anymore) to use.

Why invite-only?

After the day I launched to the public I broke a record number of website visits that made me moved from my free firebase account to a paid account. The spike of users and requests to the website was not what I expected and the bill continues to go up, so as a family man I was so scared to get broke with that sudden crazy spike of usage in the server and the possibility that my wife will kill me if does happen so I moved Lynkfire to an invite-only approach.

How do we pay the server bills? Patreon to the rescue!

With the growth of users from 100 to 2000, I need to find a way to pay the bills without hurting my wallet. Last May we (my wife) decided to offer PRO user accounts by giving them features like more box grid sizes and branding freedom for $3 per month as our Patreon supporters and opening sponsorships. With all these decisions we're able to fund Lynkfire and give away PRO accounts to our most active users for FREE.

What's next?

At the moment we are fixing bugs and adding minimal features to the application based on our user's feedback. Just like any other startup, we all aim for growth, and growth is so good.

We are aiming to be the most creative portfolio page for all kinds of creators. Lynkfire is not only about links anymore it is more a portfolio page of creativity and positivity.

There is so much to say but for now, I think I just leave it from here
and wish you all a very good day and always keep safe!

If you want to know more reach us through our Twitter page


  1. 1

    Excellent website my friend and great approach!
    Hope your project grows to $150k MRR. DM me @humanecapital on twitter if you need help working out a business model or need to collaborate on development.
    Rather than going closed... you need to think of a faster way to monetize to pay for the servers and new feature dev.
    Love the Landing page... hate the closed sign up!

    1. 1

      Tnx but i am confused if you talking to me or the other 😁

      1. 1

        Lol...Typed too fast... DM me @humanecapital on twitter if you want to catch up.

  2. 1

    I am a software developer with 7+ years of experience but I struggle to find a good idea that I am able to monetize and really solve problems. What advice would you giveme?

    1. 2

      It's easy to find profitable problems. Take a look at the Indie Hackers directory of products, for example. The difficulty is sales and marketing.

      1. 2

        Yes, agree. Apart from it I am kind of stuck at this.

    2. 2

      I been developing side projects since 2006 and only 2021 that i was able to make 100 dollar. All i can say is focus on solving and helping users and money will just come. Lastly embrace the process and frustrations those will push us to become better employee or founder.

  3. 1

    Hi Jason! It's amazing and looks better than about.me. Do you have any invite code for IH community? I'll love to try it out.

    1. 1

      Hello friend. I firstly want to say about.me is really cool. Yes just dm us on twitter for the invite. Cheers!

  4. 1

    Are there people on the fence that are waiting for some specific features? Do you solicit feedback at the moment?

    1. 1

      yes, there are, but they know that I am the sole developer of and they understand that there will be backlogs and delays. I just tried to do my best to fix first the bugs before the features. I think feedback keeps coming and coming and what I just try to do is take a step back and make a better plan.

  5. 1

    I am building MVP but I don't know how to find my first customer. What would you advice me? (I don't have personal connections in the industry).

    1. 2

      So the best way to approach this is to build the MVP real quick and don't make it too complicated just enough to have those basic functions running and then ship it. Reach out to anyone you can think of let's say reach out to 100 possible users and go from there. Send it to me or share it here in IH who knows. JUST SHIP IT.

  6. 1

    Cool product! I'm working another link-in-bio product myself (different niche though we won't be competing probably). I'm curious how you got so many users after your initial launch?

    1. 1

      that is cool and competition is good for everyone. It pushes us all to our pure potentials. What we did is we manually message our niche one by one and offer them value.

      1. 1

        How did you go about finding where your niche hangs out and how to message them?

        1. 2

          So we tried to reach out on Instagram since it is where I started posting my work/arts but people/creators in that space are neglecting since we don't offer any monetary return to their part to use our product (it's really sad to get a negative comment back but it will push you to move positively). We tried Twitter and I am a fan of NFT so I approach NFT, creator, and artist, especially those who are using similar products to us and started to message them private as sell/offer them value and be real, sincere, and honest with your intentions. Don't think about the money think about the value we offer to our users.

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