⚡ 1,000 Users at Doc Translator! ⚡

Hey IH!

I'm Alex, the sole founder of Doc Translator, a simple, straight forward, free and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Translate for Documents.

Three weeks ago I've launched a new startup and announced it here on IndieHackers: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/launched-a-new-saas-startup-0-mrr-4aa2f7849e

And, as promised, I am sharing the important milestone with you.

Today, www.doc-translator.com has signed up its 1,000th user and this lucky person is Cesar! Congrats, dude! This milestone belongs to you.

Thanks to the IH team for inviting me to do this AMA! You can ask me anything!

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    Congrats @AlexBuran! The site looks great. Following some recent advice from @gnilly I'm in the process of listing my browser extension in multiple languages on the Chrome web store, so I'll be registering and giving your service a try!

    Some questions:

    • Whats the monetization plan?
    • Relatedly I see that your site is powered by ConveyThis, which is another (non-free) translation service. Are you planning to be a VAR or converting to do your own translation?
    • As I said, the site looks very good. Whats it built on?
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      Hi Tim, thanks for checking it out!
      The site is build on WordPress which is a free blogging platform. And yes, it is powered by ConveyThis.com, our home-grown tool that lets thousands of people to translate/localize their websites and stores.
      We will be monetizing Doc Translator eventually, but first we want it to become a great tool that benefits people. We will add Excel and PDF formats soon, also we will home the Word parser to make sure it works even better.
      In my 20 years of experience as American Entrepreneur, I've learnt that in order to succeed, you need to have a great product first. And the only way to build it, is to let as many people try it first. So, at the present time, we are focusing on getting the next batch of users in and making sure everything works for them well enough and they come back.

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