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1-1 feedback session, add your Calendar link to book sessions with fellow Indie Hackers!

Hello fellow indie-hackers,

There is nothing better than a indie-hacker helping another indie-hacker, this is why we love this community! But nothing beats 1-to-1 live call session for feedback which might include:-

  1. Idea validation
  2. Would someone pay for it?
  3. Growth tactics/suggestions
  4. Product general feedback
  5. Hard intellectual criticism

In order to book a meeting with fellow indie-hackers please do following:-

  1. Please upvote this post so other indie hackers can get help from this post and help you book more feedback meetings
  2. Fill out this quick 30 second form (https://airtable.com/shrYNfKeBDFUxWYu1) which will allow other indie-hackers to book feedback meetings with you
  3. Wait for the email that I will send you containing list of all the calendar links posted through the form above in #2, so you can book meeting with other indie-hackers. (Note: To receive the email, please follow both of the steps above)
  4. Optional: Give a follow to me at https://twitter.com/IKhalidBashir for the effort :)

Note: Please be respectful in booking meetings and don't scam others or you shall be removed from the access to the list, shoot an email to me at [email protected] to report.

Note: I have already added 30 people (including myself) to the list, who are willing give/receive feedback to/from you!

Khalid Bashir

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    That's awesome! I just added myself into the feedback list.

    Waiting to book meetings with amazing people 😍

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