#1 Growth Strategy That Works

Don't lose your most valuable marketing growth asset:

👉 your users.

Acquiring a new customer can cost 5-6 times more than retaining an existing customer.

Big company's and corporates' primary focus is to acquire and favor a new user, but not to retain already paying one. Most of their efforts, support, marketing strategies, and budgets are dedicated to customer acquisition instead of focusing on their existing customer base.

This is a critical mistake and a huge advantage for small startups and entrepreneurs.

If you are fortunate to have users today, don't undervalue them! Such as Jeff Bezos, who is obsessed with Amazon customers, as a path to continuous business growth and retention, you can:

‣ Provide more improvements for your product/service from requests of existing users
‣ Create more referral programs
‣ Build trust through personalized communications
‣ Turn existing users into existing paying users -- customers
‣ Use automation for re-engagement
‣ Overdeliver on your promises
‣ Add more value for free
‣ Read the post: "Your Best Source of Business Growth Is Right Under Your Nose" to get more insights and information about the importance of retention for startups.

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