Community Building July 11, 2020

1 week = 25 users = 3 members = 1 review

Jose Bermejo @josberco

Hi everyone!

We launched an initiative to help founders and makers ‪giving 100 hours of growth tips during July with 4 mentors as a way to drive members to our new community. After the 1st week here are the numbers:‬

‪👥 25 users joined the community‬
‪💬 I sent a DM to each of the 25 users welcoming and offering my help‬
‪🥳 9 answered my DM‬
‪💡 3 founders joined the live calls‬
‪🙌 1 presented himself to the community‬
‪✅ 1 positive review on Twitter!‬

Most of users come and leave. I think they don't even spend the time to take a look and join the live calls to see if they can find value.

It's my first experience building a community, and I'm learning the hard way 😅
We'll keep consistently sharing tips, tools & being available for founders and makers in our "coffee and growth tips" calls during July & August. At the same time, I'll keep exploring the problems of the founders+makers community to try to accelerate the product-market fit journey with new solutions.

I don't think it's a top of the funnel problem, 25 members are more than expected, but a bottom funnel: convert in members that join the conversation and initiatives.

How are you building your communities? What onboarding figures do you experience during the first weeks? I'd appreciate any advice or experience that is working for you ;)


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    Very cool! This is a solid way to start a community, pretty much how things started with Memberstack's community too — lots of just manually messaging and helping people out 😄 still at it and it's the best way for us to learn what people want from the product too.

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      That's encouraging to know. As you said, I'm trying to leverage it to understand the problems and build tools to monetize around those problems. Thank you @naitik!!

      BTW, I'm using memberstack! Happy to provide you feedback if you want :)

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        Oh awesome! Yes, I'd love to hear, will email you directly. 💯

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    Thanks for sharing this @josberco. Some nice insights. I am building a community of creators and entrepreneurs at Startup Sanctuary. As you have alluded to, it is imperative to 'do things that don't scale' in the beginning. This means manually onboarding people to your community, fostering conversation and a whole host of other manual activities that don't scale in the long run. But that's okay.... Setting a solid foundation of high quality customers and community members forms the bedrock upon which your business will scale. Doing things that don't scale in the beginning is a necessary component of getting to a point where you can put in place the processes and technology to help you scale when you get traction and closer to product market fit.

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      Thanks @gordon for your thoughts! I'll keep being consistent with what you say. So far, we're going to have two live sessions/day during July+August consistently. Today we've had our first call with five founders! I'm excited to see how it evolves in the future.
      You're building something really interesting! I took a look in the past to your value proposition, and I like the way you're monetizing the courses and the unique selling point of the online courses for a community... or having the community on top of online courses if you see it the other way around;) ). Good luck!

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        Cheers @josberco. I think they both go hand in hand.