10 Free Email Marketing Services To Save Money In 2021 (Compared)

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    self hosted will save most :)

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      Hmm...not sure about that..I mean, you won't have to buy software, but the amount of time you'll have to spend, will be significantly more, therefore you'll "lose" money from not spending that time on other channels (just thinking out loud - I'd love to hear your experience on that).

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        There is a free software called Mautic.

        If you use WordPress, then you could use MailPoet to send Newsletters of your latest blog posts.

        There are several good and cheap software options to buy for a one-time fee as well. All of that will be working with SMPT's like Amazon SES, Madrill and etc
        e.g. https://1.envato.market/GjOvMr

        You set it (configure) once. And yes you will have to learn several new things, but it is worth the time.

        Yes, you will have to pay for the server, but at the same time, there may be your own website hosted.
        Approx price ~$100 a year for website and email marketing is cheap IMHO.

        Usually, people using email marketing SAAS pay for the number of subscribers. (e.g. up to 1000 free or $10 and after, the price higher and higher)
        If you own an email marketing platform then your email list can be 10 or 10 million and the price you pay will not be affected.

        Let's say popular MailChimp will cost you ~ $120 a year only to have a minimum plan (forget about free).

        Many popular email marketing platforms are now converted to CRM's and can do much more than just send emails. (e.g. you can run Facebook ads via the platform) If you need those features, then go for it...

        However, if you need just to send emails, then self-hosted platform may be for you.

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